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The Roundup - Value-Packed Field Watches, a Unique Desk Accessory, and a No-Brainer Update to Your EDC
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's weekly rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, EDC, and other gear. We’ve curated a selection to fit everyone’s style and budget. Hit the links below to learn more and pick something up. 

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Treat Yourself! - Timex Giorgio Gali S1 

While the original version of the Giorgio Gali S1 was no slouch, we’re all for some refinement over time. Clocking in at 38mm, this everyday wear timepiece (that leans a little dressy, if anything) is now what we believe is the perfect size. The stainless steel case features some interesting geometry with sculpted sides and cut outs that provide some serious visual appeal. A deep blue dial features a brushed sunburst finish, reflecting the light in an interesting way with every turn of the wrist. Inside, you’ll find an accurate and reliable automatic Miyota 9039 movement. 

Price: $450-$475

A Value-Packed Pick - Expedition North Field Post Mechanical 38MM 

At right around 259 bucks, the Expedition North Field Post represents an excellent value in the world of mechanical watches. It’s a sturdy field watch design with 100m of water resistance and a sapphire crystal that’s ideal for nearly anything you can toss at it. With a rich past of providing watches for the military, Timex draws from their experience to bring a truly affordable mechanical timepiece to the masses. At 38mm, it’s a great balance of wearability and legibility, hitting that sweet spot for field watches. Inside, a hand-wound mechanical movement keeps the time, providing the user with the experience of a vintage watch with the modern conveniences of new construction 

Price: $259

Upgrade Your Kit - The CB Caribiner 

Carrying your keys around can be a chore, especially when there’s no good place to keep them. WESN’s minimalist carabiner is an excellent solution for keeping your keys secured to a belt loop or bag. Machined from a single solid piece of titanium, the carabiner makes use of the metal’s naturally springy properties. With a few ingenious alternating cuts in the metal, the carabiner is capable of opening and closing, while still remaining a single piece of metal. This little upgrade to your EDC will go a long way in utility (and coolness factor).

Price: $50 

When You Have Too Many Watches - Perpetual Cubes Calendar

If you’re already double wristing and your watch box is bulging at the seams, then maybe it’s time to expand your horizons a little bit. This new and interactive way to track the month, day, and date is the perfect accessory from your desk, whether you’re at home or in the office. Four cubes rest on a sleek stand, and you simply rotate them to display the different days, dates, and months of the year.  

Price: $22

Deal of the Week - ADPT Series 1 

ADPT stands for  All Day, Purpose, and Terrain. We wanted to make a watch that truly lives up to the name. That’s where Series 1 comes into play. Crafted from a brushed titanium case (light enough to wear all day), featuring a bold, legible dial with date display (multi-purpose), and 200m of water resistance (ideal for any terrain), this tool watch is ready to go on your next adventure. At 38mm, the size accommodates a wide range of wrists. Surrounding the case, the rotating 12-hour bezel is capable of tracking another time zone. At just $409, the Series 1 is an excellent value made even better for this week, making it our highlighted deal. 

Price: $449 $409