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The Roundup: A Legend Reborn, Stylish Storage Solutions, and a Bargain Timex
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's weekly rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, EDC, and other gear. Don’t forget to join the Windup Watch Shop Rewards Program to save and earn points with every purchase.

This week, we run the full gamut of watches – solar quartz do-it-alls, affordable automatics, and magnificent manually wound classics. We also chat about storage and accessories that will take your enthusiasm and appreciation to the next level. This is a Roundup you won’t want to miss. Let’s jump in.

Treat Yourself: Nivada Grenchen x Worn & Wound Chronomaster Valjoux 72 V2

We’ve made much fanfare of this watch’s release because it marks a significant moment in our community. The Valjoux 72 is a legendary movement, and pairing it with a modern Nivada Grenchen makes for a truly special watch. The Chronomaster Valjoux 72 V2 is more than the latest chapter in what has become a hugely successful partnership; it is a celebration of watchmaking itself.

Value-Packed Pick: G-Shock Move WDH5600

The G-Shock Move WDH5600 is Casio’s answer to the smartwatch and all of its technology and health features – and it’s a damn good watch. It borrows the classic 5000-5600 form and tosses in a host of features around fitness, including heart rate and blood oxygen sensors as well as the ability to track runs, swims, workouts, and more. Unlike a conventional smartwatch, this G-Shock is solar-powered and never requires battery replacements. At under $300, it’s nothing short of a modern marvel.

Upgrade Your Kit: Spring Bar Tool Pouch

If you’ve gone deep enough down the rabbit hole, it’s no longer acceptable to merely have strap changing tools; it’s time to give those tools, themselves, some loving homes. Enter the Convoy Co Spring Bar Tool Pouch. Made of high quality Italian leather and with reinforced stitching, it’s a durable storage option for your trusty spring bar tool.

When You Have Too Many Watches: Nappa Leather Watch Roll

Also from Convoy Co, the Nappa Leather Watch Roll is an indispensable storage and travel option to carry up to four watches. Expertly stitched and supremely soft, the Nappa Leather Watch Roll also includes a cord and toggle closure that ensures that the roll stays secure no matter where your travels take you. Having a quality watch roll is one of the easiest ways to care for your watches. Unfurled, they also provide a feasible working station for cleaning, strap changes, and display. We are currently running a promotion with this roll as well, so hurry over to the Windup Watch Shop for a special deal. 

Deal of the Week: Timex M79 Automatic

Speaking of deals, this week’s Deal of the Week is none other than the ever-popular and playful Timex M79 Automatic. In our opinion, Timex has been churning out hit after hit with its reintroduction of the Timex Q line, and the M79 has existed side by side with its quartz brethren. The 40 x 45 mm case can be worn by anybody, and the stainless steel bracelet is a charming callback to vintage watches of yesteryear. Flip the watch over, and you’re greeted by an exhibition case back behind which a reliable Miyota beats. An automatically-winding, day/date Timex in a wearable case is about as bread and butter as it gets, and for a limited time you can score one with a red, black, or black and blue bezel configuration right here in the Shop.