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The Roundup: Blueberry GMTs, a Chrono that Won’t Let You Down, and One Tough Pen
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's weekly rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, EDC, and other gear. We’ve curated a selection to fit everyone’s style and budget. Hit the links below to learn more and pick something up. 

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Treat Yourself! - Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Blueberry

In the 1960s the Aerospace GMT was Zodiac’s entry into a new genre of watches for travelers, commercial pilots, and the otherwise jet set. Built off of the Sea Wolf format, the Aerospace featured a 24-hour bakelite bezel with a split insert, a more formal dial design, and, of course, a fourth hand on the dial for tracking a second-time zone (three with the bezel). In the Spring of 2019 Zodiac brought the design back in a series of limited editions that sold out in a flash, becoming a modern cult hit. The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT “Blueberry” is not only the newest limited edition in this line, it's now available in the Windup Watch Shop in both strap and bracelet options!

A Value-Packed Pick - Vero Workhorse Chrono

Those in pursuit of a truly modern sports watch with a unique take on the genre need look no further than the VERO Workhorse Chronographs. Designed for athletes and outdoors enthusiasts, the Workhorse bucks today’s trends to create a singular expression of what a hardwearing, tool watch can be. Featuring a metal-shroud construction with a layer of Cerakote and molded pushers, the Workhorse also has interesting color opportunities for a truly different style. 

Upgrade Your Kit - Hexagon Watch Tube

The Hexagon Watch Tube solves many problems you might not have realized you even had. A storage and travel solution for up to three watches, the Hexagon Watch Tube is a rigid companion to soft rolls and pouches that is especially great for watches on bracelets, fitted straps, or ones that otherwise don’t flatten out well. But, where typical watch tubes often provide frustration, the Hexagon provides convenience. Each pillow comes out individually, allowing for easy and quick access. The lid unfurls into a convenient, lined work surface - great for strap changes. And best of all, the geometric design prevents it from rolling off your dresser with your precious watches inside.

When You Have Too Many Watches - Tactile Turn x ADPT Slim Slide Click Pen 

Tactile Turn makes some really impressive pens, all designed and machined down to the screws and springs in America. Since ADPT (“adapt” All Day, Purpose, and Terrain) got its start by manufacturing the only US-Made nylon watch straps, teaming up with Tactile Turn on a custom, colorful, pen seemed like a natural combination. The Tactile Turn x ADPT Harvest Slim Side Click is cerakoted (a baked-on ceramic finish) in a combination of olive green, coyote brown, and flame orange, matching perfectly with our other ADPT gear. The green is a deep, muted earthy tone and is found on the pusher, side click, and clip screw, while the coyote brown shaft has a subtle metallic luster. The matte flame orange clip stands out, making it easy to find the pen on your desk, and adds an accent to your pocket when clipped on.

Deal of the Week - Bulova A-15 Pilot Watch

The Bulova Military Collection features historic designs that honor the brand’s rich heritage of creating purpose-built timepieces for the United States Armed Forces. The Bulova A-15 Pilot Watch is based on the original design of the military-issued A-15 “Elapsed Time Watch” that Bulova produced for the United States Army back in 1944.