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The Roundup - Essential Gear for Photographers
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, EDC, and other gear. We’ve curated a selection to fit everyone’s style and budget. Hit the links below to learn more and pick something up. 

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Seiko 5 GMT

For many people, an affordable Seiko 5 was their first mechanical watch, and the value-packed series holds a special place within the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts all around the globe. And what better watch to carry with you on your photography adventures around the globe. While the Seiko 5 range has always represented incredible value for the money, the Seiko 5 GMT models take things up a notch by combining a mechanical GMT movement with one of the brand’s most famous case silhouettes of all time. The 42.5mm stainless steel case measures 46mm lug-to-lug with an overall thickness of 13.6mm, and its core design will be instantly familiar to anyone who has ever handled either the old SKX divers or the modern Seiko 5 Sports series. Perfect for those photographers who travel a lot!


The James Brand Ellis Slim

The James Brand’s Ellis is a modern take on the pocket-sized multi-tool. Perfect for photographers that need a knife on hand but also has the ability to use the screwdriver end to screw plates and other gear on and off in the field. It features their signature minimalist design language throughout yet it’s still packed with features that are sure to come in handy on a daily basis. If you’re only going to carry one knife with you, the Ellis makes a compelling option.

Craghill Arris Sling

Craighill's Arris Sling seamlessly blends minimalist design with practical functionality, making it an essential companion for photography adventurers and urban explorers. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its quilted stitching and rounded shape creates a contemporary look. Its well-thought-out design provides intuitive organization and accessibility. With interior and exterior pockets, you'll find a dedicated space for everything you need, perfect for your everyday camera to slide into for a day out exploring.

Nitecore Tiki Keychain Flashlight 

Sure, your phone probably has a flashlight button/app on it, but most of the time it leaves something to be desired. Carrying a dedicated flashlight on your keys, in your bag, or in the glovebox is one of those things you won’t know how you lived without until you pick one up. Looking for a dropped item, navigating your way to the garbage cans at night, or changing a tire in the dark can be much more convenient with a powerful light nearby. Nitecore makes some of the most compact, feature-rich, and affordable flashlights in the category. One of their best and most affordable options is their TIKI. It packs 300 lumens of lighting power into an impossibly small transparent and frosted body.

Nitecore BB Rechargable Duster 

The Nitecore BB is a series of electric air dusters. They are powerful, ultra portable rechargeable air blowers designed for cameras, photography equipment, and everyday electronics like keyboards, computers and laptops. There is the BB mini. It has a 25,000RPM motor which makes it 185% more powerful than those balloon hand dusters; capable of blasting 40mph air to wipe the dust and grime off any surface. Shoot with confidence when you have the BB Mini in your back pocket for on-the-go equipment and watch cleaning.

Cantonment Kerchief + Woggle Set

You might not know it, but your EDC is missing something critical - a damn good cloth. Cantonment has sought to fix this by creating Kerchief sets that includes two perfectly sized, 100% cotton cloths, with button holes in every corner, finished with contrast merrowed edges, each fully printed with architecture-style drawings. Each set comes with a super handy little contraption called a Woggle. A short strip of rugged nylon strap with a fixed button, the Woggle teams up with button holes to create the "Woggle-Toggle™" system. Together, they turn a square of fabric into a legitimately useful everyday tool. Keep them in your pocket to to use as cleaning cloth for your glasses and watch crystals, or as a soft, safe surface to place your watch for a quick pic or strap change. Something every photographer shouldn’t be without!