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The Roundup: Gifts Perfect For Dad
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's weekly rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, EDC, and other gear. We’ve curated a selection to fit everyone’s style and budget. This week, we’re focusing on gifts for Dad with Father’s Day coming up around the corner. Hit the links below to learn more and pick something up for that special Father in your life! 

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Treat Yourself! - Zodiac Sea-Chron 

Originally launched in the late 60s, the Zodiac Sea-Chron was introduced as an evolution of the iconic Sea Wolf design. Today’s reissue features a 20-minute elapsed timing bezel and added chronograph function with a tachymeter inscribed around the edge of the dial, bringing an entirely new level of engagement, durability and utility to the newly minted Chronograph platform. Whether you’re a sportsman, engineer, technician, physician, or in the military, the Zodiac Sea-Chron is the perfect watch for anyone who works or plays in the three dimensions of time, speed, and distance.

A Value Packed Pick - Citizen Promaster Dive Eco-Drive

The Citizen Promaster Dive BN0150-28E and BN0151-09L watches feature 44mm stainless cases with 20mm lugs that are fitted with unidirectional rotating timing bezels and anodized aluminum inserts with 60-minute scales. The Citizen Promaster Dive BN0150-28E offers a black dial, black bezel insert, and black polyurethane strap, while the Promaster Dive BN0151-09L is the blue version that includes these same components in a deep shade of blue. The Citizen Promaster collection offers a range of function-forward professional sports watches that are designed for an active life outdoors, whether that is on land, at sea, or in the air.

Upgrade Your Kit - Pioneer Carry Global Pouch

Pioneer Carry specializes in crafting some of the slimmest, most functional wallets out there. Their lineup of modern and minimal wallets is crafted from performance fabrics that will keep your essentials safe while taking up minimal space in your pocket or bag. If you’re a fan of their commuter zip wallet, but need more space, then their Global Pouch is a worthy upgrade to your everyday carry. The Global Pouch is a catch-all travel organizer that holds anything from tech to toothbrush. The smooth exterior is perfect for easy in and out of your bag.

When You Have Too Many Watches - Windup Watch Shop Tool Box

You’ve found it! Finally, a watch box designed by watch enthusiasts. The Tool Watch Box is inspired by the classic red toolbox that might have been in your garage, shed or closet growing up. An object designed for utility, it has an undeniable and iconic beauty. With this image in mind, we created the Tool Watch Box as a satisfyingly rugged, yet luxurious solution for storing and displaying your watches at home.

Deal Of The Week - Citizen Promaster Dive Fujitsubo Automatic

In 1983, a mechanical Citizen diver’s watch was found at the bottom of the sea at Long Reef Beach in Australia. While the entire case of the timepiece was covered in barnacles from spending several years submerged, the watch itself was still running properly and remained completely water-tight. Citizen has reimagined that legendary vintage model with modern materials and movement technologies as the Promaster Dive Automatic “Fujitsubo” (meaning “barnacle” in Japanese), which celebrates the timepiece that forever stands as a testament to Citizen’s world-class capabilities as a dive watch manufacturer. The case of the Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic measures 41mm in diameter by 12.3mm thick, and it is crafted from the brand’s lightweight Super Titanium alloy that features a highly scratch-resistant Duratect coating.