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The Roundup: Playful Mechanical Watches, Purpose Built Tools, and Wonderful Woggles
Words by Windup Watch Shop

 The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's weekly rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, and EDC. From incredible deals, to indispensable everyday carry gadgets, and more, there is always something for everyone here. Don’t forget to join the Windup Watch Shop Rewards Program to save and earn points with every purchase!

This week, we kick things off with a fun (but seriously good) Paulin Modul A. From there we explore a G-Shock that has more features than you can count and a pen that packs a real punch. Toss in there a real treasure of a kerchief and a classic military watch on sale, and you’ve got yourself a heck of a lineup. Without further ado, here is your weekly Roundup.

Treat Yourself: Paulin Modul A

The Paulin Modul A is a whimsical, design-first watch that seems simple at first but is deceivingly difficult to pull off. Tasteful details abound: look at the shapes of the hour markers and hands against the cheerful yellow backdrop. The overall aesthetic is elegantly balanced – in particular, the understanding of color theory by featuring the three primary colors is a nice touch. The case dimensions also make this an easy watch for anyone to wear: The Modul A measures 35mm wide, 40mm lug to lug, and just over 8mm thick. These reasonably-sized, hand-wound timepieces hail from Glasgow, Scotland, where Paulin has made a name for themselves building high quality watches offering something a little different from the rest. This is a fantastic example of just that.

Value-Packed Pick: G-Shock Rangeman GPRH1000

G-Shock and “value-packed” are virtually synonymous at this point. The Rangeman GPRH1000 is no exception, and it is part of a new series of watches Casio calls “Master of G - Land”. With this watch, you will no doubt master any terrain or environment you find yourself in as it packs a host of expected complications – stopwatches, alarms, world timer – with additional health-related sensors to track laps, cardio, blood oxygen, sleep, and more. It’s bold, it’s lightweight, it’s durable as can be. In short, it’s a G-Shock. 

Upgrade Your Kit: Tactile Turn Side Click

A high quality pen is as satisfying to hold and use as any crisp hand-wound movement or well-engineered chronograph pusher. Tactile Turn, true to its name, has become an expert in this by building pens right here in the USA for many years. The Side-Click Standard Pen gets its name from its side refill and release button. It’s a mechanism that works the same way every single time with an uncommon sense of quality and confidence. Available in titanium, bronze, or copper, the Side-Click makes a valuable sidekick.

When You Have Too Many Watches: Cantonment Kerchief + Woggle Set

If you thought kerchiefs were a thing of the past, think again. Cantonment has created a kerchief - woggle set that will boggle your mind with all the ways it can be used. Each set comprises two beautifully designed 18.5” square cloths and a “woggle”, which is a nylon strap with a fixed button. On its own, the cloth is useful for protection, cleaning, or as a workstation for delicate items. Together, the woggle and cloth can attach to belt loops, collars, and more to provide a stylish form of coverage and utility. Cantonment even has a special collaboration with the folks at ADPT that features incredible landscape imagery and match the rugged NATO straps offered by ADPT.

Deal of the Week: Marathon Navigator

This week’s deal means business. It’s 41mm of matte black (or sage green) high-impact fiber composite that is designed to handle the world’s toughest conditions. The Navigator is the modern day mil-spec watch that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Its recognizable asymmetric case houses an ETA high-torque quartz movement, and its dial remains legible in all conditions thanks to ever-glowing tritium tubes used for hour markers. It’s a rig of a watch that is currently on sale right here in the Shop, so get yours while you can.