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The Roundup: Sporty Watches, Stylish Storage, and Good Old US-Made Gear
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's weekly rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, EDC, and other gear. Don’t forget to join the Windup Watch Shop Rewards Program to save and earn points with every purchase.

This week, we have an incredible lineup of timepieces featuring some that draw inspiration from the past and others that are pushing the boundaries of affordable GMT watches. We also highlight a universally useful accessory and close with a special knife that can do it all. Grab a coffee, pop a squat, and enjoy this week’s edition of the Roundup.

Treat Yourself: Laco Bremerhaven & Cuxhaven 39

It is far more difficult to build a great simple watch than a complicated one. The folks at Laco in Pforzheim, Germany, already know this. Having built iconic pilots watches and military watches for decades, Laco is now introducing two new watches, the Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven, in 39mm. Based on maritime pocket watches, the Bremerhaven (black dial) and Cuxhaven (white dial) are thoughtfully executed with nary a detail left to chance. From the crown, to the hands, to the dial’s printing and proportions, everywhere you look there is something to enjoy. These hand-wound sport watches ring in a new chapter in Laco’s storied history. Treating yourself doesn’t really get any better than this.


Value-Packed Pick: Seiko 5 Sports GMT

The Seiko 5 Sports line – and Seiko 5 watches as a whole – have been perennial value-packed picks as long as anyone can remember. At the sub-$500 mark, competitors to the Seiko 5 GMT are few and far in between. Both the SSK017 with the yellow dial and the SSK003 in blue with red accents are made of the stats that every watch enthusiast can get behind: 42.5mm wide x 46mm long classic SKX style case, automatic caller-style GMT movement, 100m of water resistance. It’s the tried-and-true formula that has, and continues, to work. And it’s the kind of watch that can start or end a collection.


Upgrade Your Kit: ADPT US-Made Mil-Strap

Straps are underrated. A good one will look nice and feel comfortable all day, while a dubious one could leave you with a nasty fall – or worse, a lost watch. ADPT’s US-Made Mil-Strap is designed to handle any activity and environment. Available in 18, 20, and 22mm options, the Mil-Strap also comes in a dozen different colors. Perfect for cold weather and tougher terrain, they feature American-made 316L steel buckles and are intended to be the last word in quality nylon NATO straps. Upgrade your kit by picking up one (or two, or three)...


When You Have Too Many Watches: Convoy Co Leather Valet Tray

A leather valet tray is the doormat for all your personal belongings; it may not always get noticed but is totally indispensable. The Convoy Co Leather Valet Tray is made of Italian full-grain leather with a waterproof suede lining for durability. At 8” by 6.5” by 1.5”, it’s the perfect size for a countertop, table, or cabinet. Whether you have “too many watches” or just too much stuff in general, this is an opportunity to upgrade your storage and decor game by providing a loving home for everything that lives in your pocket. The Convoy Co Leather Valet Tray is available in green, navy, and black.


Deal of the Week: The James Brand Redstone

Your Deal of the Week is also your Gear of the Week. Introducing the James Brand Redstone. Configurable in your choice of Glacier + Stainless, OD Green + Black, or simply Black + Black, the Redstone is 2.5 inches of serrated Sandvik 12C27 steel goodness. Designed by the James Brand in collaboration with rock climber and photographer Savannah Cummins, this knife has a somewhat unorthodox but cleverly useful design. Its rock climbing hold-inspired grip actually makes for an ergonomic grip, and it even features a bent wire clip and lanyard for carrying and storing options. Take advantage of the Deal of the Week by grabbing one for your everyday carry!