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The Sound of One Hand Ticking - Welcome BOTTA to the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

In 1986 Klaus Botta set out to rethink our perception of time. The result was the UNO, the first one-handed wristwatch of the modern era. Since then the eponymous BOTTA brand has continued to push the boundaries of how watches display time and how we interact with them. From 24-hour dials that simulate the position of the sun in the sky to hands that seem to magically float, BOTTA is a brand with their own vision and a truly unique style. Today, it is with great excitement that we add a curated selection of their timepieces to the Windup Watch Shop.

Based in Germany, BOTTA’s watches are German-made, but use Swiss-made movements for accurate time keeping. Their unique cases, often made of titanium, have a truly modern aesthetic, and put ergonomics and comfort in focus. Combined with ultra-clean dials with crisp, minimal markings, BOTTAs have an architectural appeal. Always marching to the beat of their own drum, you won’t find any vintage-inspiration here.

To introduce BOTTA to the Windup Watch Shop, we are kicking things off with four series of watches, giving a taste of what BOTTA is all about. And of course, BOTTA watches are included in our Windup Rewards program, which you can sign up for here. So, you can both earn points towards future purchases or spend points on these watches.


A spiritual continuation of the original BOTTA from 1986, the UNO was the first one-handed watch of modern times. In an effort to address how we perceive time, Klaus Botta came to the concept as it allows for a more relaxed method of telling time. The single hand tells both the hour and minutes to the nearest 5-minute interval. That said, the needle point hand and crisp dial graphics are highly legible. Available in black or white, powered by a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement, and housed in a 40mm lugless titanium case, it’s the perfect watch for those who prefer to “go with the flow.”


If the UNO is too classic for you, the UNO 24 is the next step into a unique time experience. Rather than a 12 hour dial, you will find a 24 hour dial, split along the horizontal axis in two shades of gray indicating day and night. The single hand traverses this dial once a day, and in doing so simulates the position of the sun in the sky. When the hand is straight up, it’s noon, when the sun is at its highest point. When the hand is straight down, it’s midnight. Time is read either to the nearest 10-minute interval, or in terms of your position within the day. This model features a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement, and a faceted 40mm titanium case.


Let’s say the UNO 24 has you interested, but you just can’t ditch knowing the minutes. Well, the TRES 24 is the watch for you. Still featuring a 24 hour dial, the hour hand points up at noon and down at midnight, giving you the simulation of the sun, but there is also a classic minute hand that is read off of the chapter ring. Additionally, there is a seconds hand designed as a discreet disk with a C-shape graphic at the center of the dial. This model also features a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement, and a faceted 40mm titanium case.


And now for something completely different. The CLAVIUS Automatic demonstrates that even a classic three-hand watch isn’t so classic when BOTTA makes it. Featuring a layered design that utilizes a back printed sapphire crystal, the hour and minute hands, which are neon green polygons, appear to float around the dial. Meanwhile, the second hand is seen through the windows in the graphic. The craziest part, however, is that because of the shape of the hand, it almost looks like it is jumping rather than sweeping, even though it’s an automatic. Trippy. This model features the venerable ETA 2824-2 and is housed in a lugless 44mm PVD steel case, giving it a lot of wrist presence.