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The Timex MK1 Mechanical and Other Archive Series Watches are Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It’s been just about a month since we brought Timex into the Windup Watch Shop, and today we’re excited to add a few awesome watches to the collection from their design-driven Archive series (and one bonus watch!). Created in their Italian headquarters, the Archive series take vintage inspiration from the brand’s extensive - you guessed it - archives, and throws in interesting and innovative modern twists. The results are watches that tend to be on the smaller side and feature a surprising mix of colors, textures and vintage design cues.

Timex Archive MK1 Mechanical 

Based on Timex’s Vietnam-era military designs, the MKI is as close to a vintage field watch as you can currently get from the brand - or any brand, for that matter. 36mm and featuring a big box acrylic crystal, it feels just like a vintage watch on the wrist. That said, there are some minor and appealing updates to the design. 50M of water resistance should keep it dry inside, while an olive green dial adds some appealing style. However, the most important detail is inside - a hand-wound movement. If you’ve ever had a vintage field watch, you’ll appreciate the feel of cranking the crown on this watch in the mornings before you head out.

Timex Archive Navi Land

If ever there was a watch that exemplified what makes Timex watches fun, this is it. Featuring a 38mm steel case with a dark green tumbled finish, it’s unique, exotic, and awesome. Inspired by the outdoors and adventure, the Navi Land has a bold sporty design. The dial features massive numerals, and large lumed hands for easy reading no matter the situation. The bright orange compass bezel adds an exciting shock of color, and a cool feature. The orange date is one last little detail that brings it all together. While less “vintage” in look and feel, the worn in case adds a sense of patina that is very appealing.

Timex Archive Navi Ocean

The Navi Ocean mixes classic styling with a unique crystal for an altogether exciting result. Featuring a bead-blasted 38mm, 100M steel case with a bi-direction 12-hour bezel, and a dial that has a mil-spec appeal, it’s designed to be an everyday sports watch. One simple feature, however, gives it an entirely different personality. The mineral crystal has a smokey blue-gray tone to it inspired by vintage sunglasses. The result is epically stylish and unlike most watches you’ll see today. The Navi Ocean features a reversible green fabric strap. One side has a classic fabric look and feel, while the other has been rubberized for something completely different.

Timex Archive Navi World Time 

The Navi World Time has that kind of weird-watch-charm that you just don’t typically see in modern watches. Well, unless they’re in the Timex Archive Series. Featuring a 38mm case steel case that has been tumbled to give it a distressed, worn-in look, you wouldn’t be blamed if you thought it was an old watch. But that’s just the beginning, the dial on this watch is out of control. With a complex array of numerals, coffin-shaped markers, crosshairs and even a red date, there is a lot going on, but it all looks great. The bezel then features a World Time index, with cities around the world, each representing a different timezone. Set up right, you can read the time around the globe.

*Bonus: Timex T80 x PAC-MAN

We told you there was a bonus! File this watch under just plain fun. The Timex T80 x PAC-MAN digital watch is a joint celebration of Timex’s first digital watches, and the 40th anniversary of PAC-MAN, the legendary arcade game. Easily one of the most iconic characters ever, that little yellow circle with a wedge for a mouth who is eternally stuck in some dungeon eating little dots, running away from ghosts, and occasionally going berserk and eating them too, can cause pangs of nostalgia in almost anyone. Now, with this version of the T80, Timex has brought the character to your wrist on a fun, everyday timepiece. Around the dial you’ll find PAC-MAN doing his thing, eating dots and chasing ghosts. But, the best part is actually invisible. The alarm tone has been changed from a beep to the PAC-MAN jingle.