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The Tool Watch Box Returns in Green - A Windup Watch Shop Exclusive
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Watch storage is one of those things that’s easy to overlook during your collecting journey; however, it’s also something that nearly everyone with more than one or two watches must deal with at one point or another. Regardless of whether you collect budget-friendly Seiko models or six-figure grail pieces, you’re going to need some way of storing your watches and keeping them all together that can also prevent them from knocking against each other and picking up scuffs and scratches.

You can’t just have all your watches sitting loose at the bottom of a safe, nor can you have them piled on your nightstand like a dragon’s hoard (well, you can but we wouldn’t recommend it). A watch box is the obvious solution to this issue of storage, but we weren’t satisfied with any of the options available on the market, so back in 2019, we set out to design the perfect watch box for passionate collectors and enthusiasts. While the original colorways quickly sold out, we are proud to announce that our fan-favorite Tool Watch Box is now back in a striking yet versatile shade of green.

We recognize that not everyone wants an elongated humidor or a glorified jewelry box sitting on their desk or dresser, and so we modeled our Tool Watch Box after the iconic rectangular metal tool boxes that are frequently found inside old workshops and garages. Built from thick sheet metal and fitted with sturdy folding strong-box handles on either side to offer a secure grip during transportation, our Tool Watch Box offers a rugged yet luxurious storage solution that keeps your watches safe and looks great while doing it. 

The lid of the Tool Watch Box features a thick glass window that allows all of your timepieces to sit on full display. Meanwhile, a pair of large latching clasps keeps the lid secure and prevents accidental opening whenever you wish that it stays in the closed position. The overall effect is a hefty and rock-solid watch box with a lid that opens and closes with a smooth and reassuring feeling that is similar to the door on a safe or small bank vault.

The inside tray of our Tool Watch Box is crafted from mahogany-stained wood and it includes room for up to 12 watches, with each slot capable of holding timepieces that measure up to 48mm in diameter (from the side of the case to crown). Each of the twelve watch pillows is made from gray and black tweed as a subtle nod to vintage styling and classic menswear aesthetics.

Much like tool watches themselves, the classic metal tool box offers a certain unintentional and utilitarian beauty that simultaneously comes with an added dose of nostalgia. When we first launched the Tool Watch Box, it was only available in either matte black or bright red, and while both of the original colors quickly sold out, we are now proud to offer it in a rich shade of green that will perfectly compliment the decor of your home or office.

The Tool Watch Box is priced at $299 and since it is our own exclusive design, you are only going to be able to find it available at the Windup Watch Shop.