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The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro-Divers are in Stock at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

For brands who primarily release spiritual recreations of archival watches, there’s always the question of if they can pull off something modern. Can they take that history but apply it to something totally new? Well, Zodiac did just that with their recent release of the Super Sea Wolf Pro-Divers, and we’re excited to say that they are now available at the Windup Watch Shop.

Though they clearly share DNA with the original Sea Wolf, which dates back to the 1950s, the Pro-Divers are not trying at all to pass as their grandfather in either style or specs. Aggressive, rugged, and highly capable, the Pro-Divers feature a new 42mm case that is rated to 300M of water resistance. While larger than their heritage pieces, the Pro-Diver was designed with ergonomics in mind, making for a comfortable timepiece. 

Meanwhile, large applied markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12, give the dial a bold look and an angled chapter ring adds to the depth. Large shovel hands make time-telling easy, and the fully indexed bezel, mil-style, adds a functional intensity to the design. For the Pro-Divers, Zodiac doubled down on their lume application being inspired by bioluminescent algae. The result are watches that are as exciting in the sun as they are where light barely reaches.

On the dial, the words “Diver’s” and “Chronometer” hold a deeper meaning. The first indicates that Pro-Diver is ISO rated, meaning it passed a barrage of tests qualifying it to truly be called a dive watch. The second indicates that the Swiss-made automatic movements keeping time within have been chronometer-certified by the COSC. Made by Sellita, the SW200 calibers are trustworthy timekeepers that are regulated to -4/+6 seconds a day in six positions.

To launch the collection, we’ve got four versions of the Pro-Diver available. The first, is classic black. You can’t go wrong with the sleek look of a classic black diver, here with minty green lume in chrome surrounds, and the only of the group with a ceramic bezel insert. Next, we have another version with a black dial, but instead of chrome, it features bright orange markers with white lume, as well as an orange chapter ring. To make things even more interesting, they went with a full lume bezel that appears white in light with orange accents.

Next, we have a sort of inversion of the last, with white/full lume dial with black accents, and a bright orange bezel with a black index. This is the one for lume die-hards as the whole thing glows. Lastly, we have the return of the Watermelon. Featuring a silver dial, black markers, a pink chapter ring, and a funky, pistachio green bezel, this is for pro-divers who are still fun.

All options come mounted to a robust 7-link bracelet that adds some class to the package, which also features an expanding clasp for comfort. Priced at $1,695 the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro-Divers mark a new level of technical achievement for the brand, and a great value for a high-end Swiss-made chronometer-rated dive watch. Check them out here