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Three Cool MTGB Releases This Year
Words by Windup Watch Shop

G-Shocks, with all their usual bells and whistles, have always been statement watches. From the simplest 2100 or 5600 series to today’s highlight, the MGTB series, Casio G-Shocks are designed to demonstrate strength with some attitude. Leaning into the boldness of the designs is one of the most enjoyable ways to interact and consider watches that you don’t see every day. In today’s lineup, maximalism and being outside of the box are the name of the game. We’re not sure exactly what “MGTB” stands for, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was something like “Mega Tremendous Giant Big..”, well, you get the point. Make a real impact and check out these three G-Shocks right here in the Windup Watch Shop. As always, we invite you to join our Rewards Program to earn points and save with every purchase.

G-Shock MTGB2000YR1A: City Illumination Limited Edition

This watch proves, among other things, that one Japanese company does not have a monopoly on environmental inspiration for their watches (wink wink). This limited edition model is inspired by the hustle and bustle of the city – the bezel, hands, and dial elements share a captivating hue of purple and blue that transitions to gold. In a most interesting way, it seems to capture the energy of a city without being overly obvious. Of the three watches highlighted today, the City Illumination Limited Edition is the most pared back and subtle. Like the other two watches, however, this watch’s laundry list of features is a mile long: full calendar, stopwatch, alarm, world time, LED light, Bluetooth connectivity, you name it.

G-Shock MTGB3000PRB: Aurora Oval

You may not have experienced the aurora borealis, but when we say “we have aurora borealis at home”, it’s a good thing. The MTGB3000PRB Aurora Oval edition features a spectacular finish created by fusing steel with resin. A special multi-colored ion-plated (IP) coating on the bezel provides it with incredible colors and patterns unique to every watch. From magenta hues to green and blue sparkles, it’s a finish that will capture your attention time and time again. The dark purple rubber strap is a perfect pairing and matches not only the rainbow hues on the bezel and case but also the purple accents on various elements of the dial. All together, the unusual but beautiful Aurora Oval is easily the most eye-catching of today’s trio.

G-Shock MTG3000CXD9A: Golden Dragon

Gold is good. And 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. Combine the two and you have what can be considered Casio’s love letter to this lunar year. Once again, the bezel and bracelet end links are the star of the show: they, alongside the dial, are finished with a special dragon scale pattern that just works in gold. The hour markers are the same color and pair well with the red hands, evoking the most auspicious colors for Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. The Golden Dragon also features a very special dragon engraving on the caseback in lieu of the typical G-Shock spec essay, and it’s a perfect final touch to what is possibly a one-year only run in the MGTB series. Get them now while they are hot off the press for a full year of good luck.