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Tough and Technical Watches from Citizen: The Promaster Altichron and Promaster Tough
Words by Windup Watch Shop

As a watchmaker, Citizen is as diversified as any in regards to the sheer breadth and width of its catalog. Collectors can get lost in the histories of cult classic dive watches while marveling at modern atomic timing tech. If there were two core attributes across Citizen’s diverse offerings, they could be summed up as “tough” and “technical”. Chalk it up to Japanese excellence or decades of innovation – either way you are getting a solid product. The modern lineup of Promaster watches epitomizes the toughness and technical know-how of Citizen. It is considered the “Professional” line of watches, and here are two models to consider adding to your arsenal for your next adventure.

Citizen Promaster Altichron

It is immediately obvious that the Altichron was designed to be nothing less than a highly technical tool watch. From the stealthed out DLC-coated titanium case to the heavy instrumentation on the bezel, this watch was designed with a pilot or extreme explorer in mind. The key feature, a barometric altimeter, allows this Promaster to precisely measure altitude and even provide context for weather patterns. The twin pushers on the left side of the case enable the wearer to tap into the laundry list of functionality and make this an easy choice for the classic “stuck on an island with only one watch” scenario. Even for the earthbound among us, the Altichron is up to the task: it has 200 meters of water resistance and its famous Citizen Eco-Drive solar movement allows the watch to constantly charge from any source of light and never require any batteries. Regardless of where you find yourself on planet Earth, this Promaster will be of service.

Citizen Promaster Tough

If the Altichron is the excessive, maximalist, ultra-macho choice (and it most certainly is), then the Promaster Tough is the understated – but certainly not underrated – pick. It is 41mm of Citizen’s Duratect-coated titanium in a simple but effective package. With no functional bezel, altimeter, or other whiz-bang tricks up its sleeve, the Promaster Tough is singularly dedicated to one end: legibility and survival in a discreet form. With the black dial, this watch is buttoned-up, classic-looking, and no-nonsense. Need a little more color in your life? Opt for the dark green dial. Either way, water resistance is 200 meters with Citizen’s Eco-Drive inside. Truly this may be among the lowest-maintenance sport watches around. The Tough is, simply put, for the man or woman willing to roll up his or her sleeves and say, “ I’ll just do it myself”.

Citizen has been around the block once or twice, and its reputation for making formidable and reliable watches is known even outside the enthusiast community. The Altichron and Promaster Tough are worthy of the Promaster label. The appeal of these watches is apparent: they can be simple or complicated, larger or smaller, extra (as the kids say these days) or low-key. No matter what kind of path you are carving out for yourself, you can find a tough and technical Citizen built just for you. Discover these watches and more here in the Windup Watch Shop.