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Two Future G-Shock Icons: The 40th Anniversary Full Carbon 5000
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Anniversaries in the watch world are kind of a big deal. Maybe even too big, according to some, but there’s something to be said about a design and model that has not only stood the test of time but has also come to define its entire genre within the industry. G-Shock and its iconic DW-5000 series watch has done exactly that. It’s incredible considering that 40 years have gone by since Casio Engineer Kikuo Ibe’s vision became a reality. Story has it that Ibe began to conceptualize what a truly shock-resistant watch could be when his own mechanical watch fell and shattered on the ground after a collision with a fellow pedestrian.

In the early 1980s, a specialized team at Casio, nicknamed “Team Tough”, began to test and develop prototypes. During this time, Ibe famously found inspiration from a rubber ball on a playground. Eventually engineers incorporated this rubber core idea into the very first G-Shock, model DW-5000C, in 1983. Four decades of innovation and iteration later, Casio is proud to present the culmination of the latest and greatest in technology, material science, and coloration: The 40th Anniversary Full Carbon 5000 Limited Edition.

Instantly recognizable thanks to its original case shape, the new 5000 Series Full Carbon is the pinnacle of cutting edge materials and pushes the envelope of design and durability. The case and bezel are made of forged carbon through a process that includes kneading the carbon fibers into the resin then forging it at high temperature and pressure. The result is both attractive and practical – greater strength, weight reduction, and airtightness are coupled with beautiful and distinct striations that make each watch totally unique. The buttons on the case are also made in titanium in a further effort to save weight.

New technology abounds in the creation of the new 5000, even down to the details. Take the bracelet, for example. The clasp’s folding arm is made from an entirely different process that results in what is called “multilayer carbon”. This tiered carbon is renowned for its incredible tensile and compressive strength and is perfect for this particular component. In the end, the new 5000 Series Full Carbon weighs only 65 grams, which is a feat in itself. It is even 12% lighter than Casio’s standard lightweight resin model GW5000U-1 and is only one-third the weight of the stainless model GMWB5000GD-1.

The new limited edition Full Carbon comes in two color options that evoke the infinite expanse of space and Casio’s tireless march towards greater innovation. The GCWB5000UN-1 is a classic black and gray combination while the GCWB5000UN-6 adds blue and pink resin and opal specks to evoke the image of the Milky Way. Both are available for pre-order now and will ship in December 2023. It’s the perfect time to cash in reward points at the Windup Watch Shop and to get a head start on holiday shopping for yourself or that watch lover in your life, so head over to the Shop to learn more.