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[VIDEO] How To Use The Brew x Worn & Wound Metric Chrono Regulator Limited Edition
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Hello everyone. Just the other day, we had the distinct pleasure of launching a new limited edition collaboration, the Brew x Worn & Wound Metric Chrono Regulator. A trio of quirky and colorful watches, they were designed to be different from your ordinary watch. As indicated in the name, these are chrono regulators, or regulator chronographs, to be more precise. What that means is that they don’t tell time with the standard arrangement of hour and minute hands at the center of the dial. Rather, the hour is read on a sub-dial, and minutes at the center. On top of this, there is also a standard chronograph function.


It might sound a bit complicated but it is, in fact, quite easy to understand. With that said, to help illustrate how to use these fun and functional timepieces, we created a video walking you through the process of using them. Please check that out below. It’s only 60 seconds long, and quite entertaining, if we do say so ourselves.

But before you head into theater mode, a quick reminder that the Brew x Worn & Wound Metric Chrono Regulators are still available for purchase though selling quickly. Pre-order one today for $549.