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Watches Worth the Wait
Words by Windup Watch Shop

“Good things come to those who wait.” In a culture of instant gratification and overstimulation, these words are a poignant reminder that patience is often well-rewarded. Of course, as enthusiasts and collectors, we know well the excitement of anticipation and the thrill of the hunt. It’s also fun to be the first to enjoy and experience a watch that has yet to reach the rest of the watch-buying public. And who doesn’t love being early in discovering a hot watch? To that end, we’d like to highlight a few watches from the Windup Watch Shop that are currently available for pre-order. Don’t wait too late, however; they may be gone before you know it. Let’s dive in.

Laco Bremerhaven 39 and Cuxhaven 39

Pforzheim, Germany – based Laco is famous for its military watches, and it is releasing two new down-sized models, the Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven 39. Taking cues from early 20th century pocket watch-converted wristwatches, these new models are chock full of tasteful details. The dial elements – hands, railroad minutes track, and seconds sub-dial, are wonderfully balanced and make great use of the smaller case and dial size. The Bremerhaven (matte black) variant leans into the beauty of contrast and evokes a classic military watch look while the Cuxhaven’s enamel white dial brings an elegance to the line. The onion-shaped crown and small coin-edged bezel round out a restrained and sophisticated design. These solidly built, hand-wound watches will begin delivery later this month, and you can preorder them here.

Nivada Grenchen x Worn & Wound Datomaster VK63 V2

We covered this watch once when it launched a few weeks ago, but it’s worth mentioning again here just because of how special it is. The Datomaster VK63 V2, alongside its brother, the new Chronomaster, occupy a special place in the hearts and minds of collectors – particularly here at Worn & Wound for obvious reasons. The biggest change from the V2 compared to its predecessor is the inclusion of a third sub-dial thanks to the Seiko mecha-quartz VK63 movement. This brings it in line with the classic chronograph layout from watches with iconic (but more involved) calibers like the Valjoux 72. The ultra-accurate quartz movement also allows for a more accessible price. This one won’t last long, so act quickly!

Nivada Grenchen Antarctic 35mm

This one is a future classic. Or is it a past classic…? Maybe both. Either way, it’s exactly in line with what enthusiasts have been clamoring for: durable, elegant watches in the sweet spot between 35-38mm. The Nivada Grenchen Antarctic boasts a really cool history of being the choice of US Navy Admiral Richard Byrd and his team when they set out on an expedition to the Antarctic in 1955. The aptly named Antarctic has since returned in its original size, unlike so many other models from other brands that have been reissued but in bloated form. The incoming model can be had in a variety of dial colors and strap options. One significant departure from the original model is that the new references will come equipped with a manually-wound Landeron caliber, which slims the watches down even further (only 7mm thick, 10.1mm including the crystal). Preorder the Nivada Grenchen Antarctic today to enjoy its mid-century styling and sizing without any of the hassles or headaches that sometimes befall vintage watches.