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Welcome Spinnaker to the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Never forget, watches are meant to be fun. It’s easy to lose yourself in the hype of horology and luxury, only to find yourself staring at five and six figured watches locked behind glass, out of reach for now, perhaps forever. And if you get there, stop and think… what got me into watches in the first place? Was it the joy of finding and wearing cool timepieces, or the Sisyphean pursuit for the unattainable? Well, today, we’re excited to add Spinnaker to the Windup Watch Shop, a brand that focuses on fun and affordable timepieces that with a mix of vintage and modern influences, should bring a smile to any watch enthusiast’s face.

At its heart, Spinnaker is a dive watch brand. Inspired by both the history of diving, as seen in the names of their watches, which typically draw from historical figures, and the history of dive watches, their collection celebrates the cool and at times funky aesthetics of the sport. With watches with features ranging from domed acrylic bezels to chunky 70’s barrel cases to full bronze cases, all available in a variety of colors, there is likely a Spinnaker that will appeal to everyone. And the best part? With mostly Japanese automatic movements inside, they never break the bank.

To introduce Spinnaker to the Windup Watch Shop, we’ll be bringing in a curated selection from five of their lines. Read below for details, or shop the collection now right here.

Spinnaker Dumas

Inspired by experimental 70’s dive watches, the Dumas is a fun, colorful and eccentric watch. 43mm wide, but 48mm long, the faceted case is chunky but wearable. The dial brings a more modern attitude with a clever use of color and layers. Inside is the Seiko NH35. Available now on a thick mesh bracelet for $400 in Blue, Black, White and Yellow.

Spinnaker Bradner

The Bradner is Spinnaker’s take on the dual-crown diver. A favorite among vintage dive watch enthusiasts, internal bezel divers have a sleek appearance, and tend to wear more like classic sport watches. The Bradner, while vintage-inspired, had a very moder overall look, with a wide dial with lots of layering and texturing, underneath a box sapphire crystal. The Bradner is powered by the Seiko NH35 and comes mounted on a steel “beads of rice” bracelet. Grab one in either Black or Green fade today for $370.

Spinnaker Fleuss

Any dive watch aficionado should see the obvious mid-century references in the Fleuss. Based on some of the earliest version of the “modern” dive watch, the Fleuss has a bold posture, thanks to the 43mm case, but retro charm. Notably, the domed acrylic bezel and textured dial add a warmth to the aesthetic that was more common in 50’s and 60’s. The Fleuss is powered by the Seiko NH35 and comes mounted on a steel H-link bracelet. Pick one up in either Black or Blue for $350.

Spinnaker Cahill

The Cahill is an undeniably cool watch with a more original aesthetic. Inspired by a diving icon who also had a military background, the Cahill mixes vintage and military cues to create a unique concept. The dial features brushed metal arabic numerals and raised chapter ring, a printed 24-hr track, a cross-hairs for a cool, dark, field-watch-esque style. The bezel is then matched with the dial, both in drab mil-tones, for a particularly different overall look. Powered by the Seiko NH 35 automatic, the Cahill is available in Gray or Green for $350.

Spinnaker Tesei Bronze and Titanium

Inspired by the ill-fated Teseo Tesei, the creator of the human-torpedo, the Tesei is Spinnaker’s line of more modern, material driven divers. Featuring cases in either gorgeous, rugged CuSn8 bronze or strong, lightweight titanium, both with ceramic bezel inserts, the Tesei’s top off Spinnaker’s range. The bronze model is of particular note, as it’s their only model assembled in Switzerland, and featuring a Swiss-made Sellita SW200 movement. The Tesei Bronze is available with a black dial for $850 here. The Tesei Titanium is powered by the Miyota 8215 and is available for $520 here.