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Windup Watch Shop's Valentine's Day Picks 2019
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and trust us, you don’t want to be the person who forgot to get their partner a gift. Sure, chocolate is easy, and so are flowers, but they are also really cliché. So how about a stylish, but affordable timepiece? Something that will last for years and remind your partner of you everytime they look at their wrist? And if not a timepiece, we also have some great accessories that will still get the point across.

Mai Tai ADPT Strap

It wouldn’t feel right to start this guide with something that isn’t red, so we’re going with the Mai Tai ADPT… Which isn’t red, I know, but it’s in the family, it’s awesome and you won’t find it anywhere else. $43

Dan Henry 1947 

Formal, but not fancy, the 1947 is a great watch to wear to work, on dates, to weddings and other dressy occasions. $190

Worn & Wound x Monk Made Minimalist Bifold in Natural

The Minimalist Bifold is designed for people who only carry the essentials in their wallet. It’s also great for putting in the breast pocket of a jacket or blazer. Made of natural veg-tanned leather, this version will age and tan dramatically with use. $125

Auteur Circles Rose Gold 

This modern, minimalist design still exudes warmth and charm, making it a great accessory for a stylish individual. $279

Two-watch Fold in Harris Tweed

Designed to carry or store up to two watches, the Two-watch fold is also a cool, handsome way to carry a spare pair of glasses, a bunch of pens, or any other small items. $99

Junghans Max Bill Quartz

A truly iconic watch, the Max Bill quartz takes Junghan’s famous midcentury design by the eponymous architect and makes it more affordable by using a modern quartz movement. $495

Windup Watch Shop Gift Card

Sometimes it’s best to let your partner do the choosing, and a gift card allows for just that. Available here in various amounts