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Working With Photographer Amy Shore on the Launch of the Farer x Worn & Wound Limited Edition
Words by Windup Watch Shop

When it came time to shoot the Farer x Worn & Wound Limited Edition, we decided, quickly, to turn to Farer’s own ambassador, Amy Heynes (née Shore) for lifestyle photography. An incredibly talented and stylized photographer, her specialty is in the automotive industry. In fact, she co-owns Willam Heynes Cars with her husband (William Heynes, also the model in the shoot), which specializes in Jaguar preservation and restoration.

Apart from the sheer know-how of taking a great photo, what makes Amy’s work so special is the mood she creates. Her photos feel like nostalgia manifest. They are at once beautiful, displaying the scene with clarity and detail, and dreamy, perhaps haunting, as though they are one's own memories of a time passed.

It was this sense of mood that we really wanted to expand on for the Farer x Worn & Wound Limited Edition shoot. The watch is a bit dark and mysterious by nature. It features a gunmetal exterior matched with slate gray and navy blue. It’s like a crisp, overcast day on the wrist. Designed to be timeless and stylish, it’s new but could have always been there. 

So, Amy set out with her husband Will on a late Winter afternoon in Oxford. The resulting photos are not the overly-perfect shots one typically finds in a watch launch. Rather, they look real. From streets to restaurant interiors, you get a sense of what an actual evening wearing the watch might be. You can feel the sharpness in the air on the streets of Oxford, but also taste the comfort of a beer in a warm pub. 

Will’s waxed canvas jacket, mustard yellow jumper, and grey trousers are just an example of an ensemble that would suit the watch. Intentionally versatile, the colors featured can work with any style and any season.

One of the surprises in working with Amy was the photos we didn’t expect. Photos without the watch at all. Photos of street lights, empty stairwells, Will crossing an intersection. The moments that are normally seen, but not captured. The terroir of the shoot. Though they don’t feature the watch, they capture it in essence. In mood.

While the Farer x Worn & Wound is limited to only 70 pieces, thus limited to how many can be enjoyed in person, these photos can be enjoyed by all. They capture a mood that any watch enthusiast can resonate with. An experience we’ve all had with our watches, enjoying a night out in the cool air. It’s in these moments that we truly can appreciate the watches on our wrists. Not when we are focusing on them, but when we just wear them.

The Farer x Worn & Wound Limited Edition is available now for $1050, limited to only 70 pieces worldwide. Order one today here.