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Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT and Compression in Neon Lime, Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Zodiac manages to use color in a way that few, if any, other brands achieve. It’s not just that they aren’t afraid to use it, it’s that when they do, those colors tend to be bright, bold, and stunning. A great example of this was the Worn & Wound limited edition we launched just the other week. Those sold out, and we’re not here to pour salt on wounds, but should you be longing for colorful Zodiac, we have good news for you. Introducing the Super Sea Wolf GMT and 53 Compression in shocking “Neon Lime.” 

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT “Neon Lime” 

The Super Sea Wolf GMTs are a bit of a phenomenon unto themselves. Ever since they brought this one back from the archives, the typically limited edition models (we have open editions here too, if you’re interested), have sold out in a flash. Featuring a 40mm case, 200m of water resistance, Soprod C-125 movements, and great colors, it’s no surprise that they are so desirable. Following up last year’s “Sherbet” model, just in time for summer, we now have “Lime,” which as you guessed, prominently features green. Well, that might under sell it, this isn’t just “green,” it’s really, really vivid green. Like, squint-your-eyes-green.

Zodiac uses the color with restraint, however, limiting it to half of the bezel, and the “GMT” hand on the dial. The result is bold, but tasteful, and certainly a lot of fun. Limited to 282 units, and priced at $1,795, the Super Sea Wolf GMT “Neon Lime” is available and shipping now.

For those who are looking for some green, but don’t need the GMT complication, the Compression 53 model utilizes the color in an equally bold, but refined manner. This one contains the green to dial, mostly, keeping the bezel all white, which is striking unto itself. The chapter ring, minute hand and applied markers are then all that same radical green. The result, and indulge me for a second here, is a bit ghostly. The green breaking through the pale white of the dial and bezel like a strange energy. All I’m saying is, you can’t spell Slimer without “Lime.”

Also 40mm with 200m of water resistance and a sapphire crystal, the Super Sea Wolf Compression 53 “Neon Lime” is mounted to a 5-link bracelet for a very comfortable fit, and is powered by the STP 3-13 movement. Available now for $1,395.