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Zodiac Watches are Now Available at Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop
Over the last few years, Zodiac watches has made a return to prominence amongst the watch enthusiast community. Mixing a rich history full of significant design and technical innovations with modern manufacturing and an eye for style, Zodiac has re-established the brand as a great Swiss house. Founded in 1882 in Le Locle, Switzerland, Zodiac’s archives and achievements run deep. From the iconic and colorful Sea Wolf to the eccentric Olympos, Zodiac has a unique vision of what a watch can be. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we are adding a curated selection of Zodiac watches to the Windup Watch Shop.

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Zodiac Olympos Military Limited Edition Chronometer

Let’s kick off the collection with a very special timepiece, the Olympos Military. Based on a prototype made for the British Royal Navy, the Olympos Military takes Zodiac’s distinctive “manta ray” case, beefs it up to 40mm, increases the water resistance to 200m. It is then brushed all around, save a gorgeous polished bevel along the edge of the case. The dial is then classic field, with bold lumed numerals and a white railroad track along the perimeter. The result is one of the most unexpected and charismatic mil-watches ever produced. To make it even better, they upgraded the STP 3-13 movement to a COSC certified chronometer.

The Olympos Military is a limited edition of 182, of which only a small amount is still available, and we’re excited to be able to offer them to you. The watch comes with two straps, one rugged brown leather strap made out of a “waxed flesh” hide, which has a tough, matte texture. It looks amazing on the watch right out of the box. For the warmer months, there is also a drab olive mil-strap which emphasizes the military aesthetics of the dial.

The Olympos Military Limited Edition Chronometer is available now in extremely limited quantities for $895

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53

If there was one watch that Zodiac is definitely known for, it’s the Super Sea Wolf. Based on the famous, iconic dive watches developed in the 1950’s, the Super Sea Wolf is the cornerstone of the Zodiac catalog. The modern version maintains much of the overall design language of the original, from dial markings to bezel indexes to the lines of the case. But, it’s a modernized version, coming in at 40mm with 200m of water resistance and powered by the STP 3-13 automatic movement . Though upped in scale, they are perfectly sized to exude vintage charm while wearing like modern watches.

To begin with, we will have three versions of the Super Sea Wolf available. The first is the classic compression style in black. Featuring applied markers, shovel hands and a 5-link bracelet with an expanding clasp, this is the watch you can wear to the board room or in board shorts. This watch is available here for $1,295.

Next is one of their newest versions, with a bright blue bezel and a silver dial. Featuring the same design as the previous watch, the overall lighter palette makes this one extra summery and fun. Keep it on the 5-link bracelet, or throw it on a Sage ADPT Strap for an even more relaxed look. Pick it up now for $1,395

A slight departure from the previous two models, this Super Sea Wolf is also one of their newest releases and features an exotic mix of sunray blue with cream, red and black. A sportier version of the Sea Wolf, this dial has applied blocks, with matching hands and a wider chapter ring. Matched with a black bezel and black tropic-style strap, the overall look is fun, but with a noticeable attitude. Grab this one here for $1,095.

The Zodiac Grandrally Chronographs

If you were a watch brand in the 60’s and 70’s, chances are you made some racing-chronographs at some point. Zodiac certainly did, and the Grandrally is their modern salute to some of these timepieces. Featuring 41.5mm barrel-shaped cases with tachymeter chapter rings, applied markers and 3-9 sub-dials, they are retro through and through. Coming in as the entry point to the Zodiac collection thanks to their Swiss Quartz movements, the watches feature the same attention to detail and excellent finishing as the rest of the Zodiac line.

To start, we’re carrying the most classic of the Grandrallys available. The first features a black, inverse-panda dial with red and white highlights. It’s bold, aggressive and spot-on for a 70’s chronograph. Completing the look is a black leather strap with a padded, stitched pattern resembling the design of car interiors. This one is hard to pass up at $495.

Next, we have the silver, panda-dial version. Another iconic design, this one features a black tachymeter, which reduces the perceived size of the watch, and burnt orange highlights for a little pop. This version features a 3-link style steel bracelet with drop lugs and one of the single coolest features we’ve ever seen. Yes, ever. The bracelet can be sized without any tools, just using one's hands, thanks to Zodiac’s patented system. It literally takes seconds to add and remove links. Available now for $595.

Zodiac Olympos Dress Watches

Last, but far from least, we return to the Olympos collection, but this time for two of the 37.5mm dress watch options. Once again, the “manta ray” case adds a unique element to the designs. But rather than coming across aggressive, here it is provocative and elegant. These are dress watches and conversation starters.

But the case isn’t the only star, as Zodiac has put incredible effort into creating the dials, which drip with mid-century style. Featuring domed surfaces with arcing applied markers, the dials feature a mix of surface texturing that creates a crosshair where the textures meet. This is top-notch finishing that sets these watches apart.

A contrasting pair, the first features a polished steel case with a black dial. Accenting the black is burnt-gold printing and polished steel markers and hands. One of the many great details to find here is that the date-disk is printed to match the gold on black dial. If you’re in need of a versatile dress watch, but want something with personality, this is the watch for you. Vintage style awaits for $795.

If the previous version was too subtle for you, the all gold model will do the trick. Featuring a polished PVD gold case and a brushed gold dial with golden markers and hands, the monochromatic palette cuts a striking figure. And yet, despite the amount of gold-tone, the watch comes across as quite tasteful, especially as an accent to a dark blazer. The gold dial shows off the unique texturing that Zodiac employed, making this watch a joy to look at. Grab one before your next night on the town, $795.