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Five Watches for Fall
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It’s finally happened. The calendar clicked over, and it’s officially Fall, our favorite time of year. Temperatures drop, out come layers, boots, leather. Clothing gets darker, richer and more textured. Deep, warm earth-tones win the day over the bright and bleached colors of Summer.

And for watches… Though technically all-season items, heavier watches are easier to pull off, thicker straps are more comfortable and darker watches seem more at home. Today, we’re going to take a look at five watches that look like they were made for fall. All feature either some interesting warm colors, an overall dark palette or a mix of materials that just feel Fall appropriate.

Auteur Revolution Rose Gold

By mixing the natural warmth of a walnut bezel with the copper glow of rose gold, the Revolution has a unique feel that combines rustic charm with minimalist aesthetics. This watch looks exceptional with blue. Available here $329

Brew HP-1

Is there anything more enjoyable than a cup of coffee on brisk fall day? Yes, a good watch. The Brew HP-1 in black PVD is dark through and through, but thanks to its mid-century flair, it feels warm and approachable… just like that cup of joe. Available here $495

Junghans Form A Taupe

A truly original design, the Form A Taupe takes the utilitarian language of Junghan’s Form watches and adds unexpected character with the soft, taupe dial. This watch is truly a remarkable accent piece, adding unique character to a Fall outfit. Available here $995

Damasko DH 3.0 Black

Designed for the outdoors and adventure, the DH 3.0 matches a Fall-perfect matte green dial with a black case, and dark green nylon mil-strap. Filled to the brim with tech that makes this watch a tank, it’s the ideal fall everyday sports watch. Available here $1,269

Lundis Bleus 1100 Rose

Colder weather means more blazers, so a solid dress watch is always welcome. The 1100 Rose has a stunning galvanic gold dial that is accentuated through a mix of brushed and coarse-grain textures. On the accompanying brown suede strap, this watch is a conversation starter. Available here $1,900