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Light It Up: Our Favorite Full Lume Dials In The Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

We here at the Windup Watch Shop love the summer for a variety of reasons. Barbeque’s, picnics, and long hikes are just a few of the things that stand out. And we as watch enthusiasts get to reap the benefits of hanging out in nature all day when we look on our nightstand at night and see our watches glowing amongst the darkness. It truly makes us smile, remembering  the completely awesome day we had outdoors with friends and family. We’re not going to lie, we’re kind of snobby when it comes to lume because we love it so much and as they say “Go big or go home”. So today, we’re going to highlight just a few of our absolute favorite watches with fully lumed dials that are incredible to look at in the dark! 


Officially known as the Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic NY015x series, but most frequently referred to simply as the “Fugu” by collectors and enthusiasts, this lineup of ISO-certified models reimagines an iconic Citizen dive watch that originally appeared in 1989 and was subsequently used by members of the Italian Navy. The collection’s “Fugu” nickname means pufferfish in Japanese, and it is a reference to the round shape of the watch and the unique design of its bezel, which features large prominent grooves, similar to the spines on an inflated pufferfish. The new generation of Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic “Fugu” watches feature stainless steel cases with either brushed or black ion-plated finishes that measure 44mm in diameter by 13mm thick. A signed screw-down winding crown protected by small integrated crown guards sticks out of the side of the case at the 8 o’clock location, while a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covers the dial side of the watch. This watch features grey markers with the exception of 3,6,9, and 12 for easy identification in the dark.



Bertucci is a rugged and durable watch brand known for producing timepieces designed for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Their watches often feature lightweight and high-performance materials, making them reliable companions in various challenging environments. By combining their tough-as-nails Black PVD coated, stainless steel case with a classic field watch dial, you get field watches that are the best of both modern and vintage. Measuring 40mm x 49.5mm and 11.8mm thick, the A-2S Ballista X1 Illuminated are a nice medium size field watch that has a stealthy appeal with its PVD coating. Yet the most appealing aspect of this watch has to be its X1 Swiss Super Luminova dial. Glowing a bright green, while staying illuminated and legible for hours, this makes the dial of the A-2S Ballista X1 one of the most legible Bertucci references out there. Find out more about this piece here!



We’re already back to Citizen, and there’s a good reason why! This latest expression of the Eco-Drive Diver 200m provides an updated take on this unique world-first watch. Similar to the original design, the timepiece features a 60 click bezel and preserves the same crown as found on the 1982 edition. Aesthetically, it also bears the same rounded, chunky shape of the case which combines with the striking indentations on the bezel to create a tough, sporty look and features a sandblasted finish to recreate the distinctive rugged look of the original model. The vintage inspired look is further enhanced with a fully luminous dial with enhanced visibility of the hands and bezel, providing a more refined interpretation of the original bold design.200m repertoire, BN0227-25X, takes its design cue from the original 1982 Citizen diver’s.



The T-Rex by BOLDR x Nitecore is a tough and fun watch designed for extreme outdoor activities and tactical use. It combines the expertise of BOLDR, a renowned adventure watchmaker, and Nitecore, a reputable manufacturer of high-performance flashlights and tools. Encased in 40mm PVD stainless steel, the T-Rex timepiece has a high contrast dial with C3 Glow lume, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, 20ATM rating, and a resilient NH35 automatic movement. It’s also fitted with a steel bracelet for added toughness. A great lume packed pairing with a watch and flashlight you don’t want to miss!


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