About Autodromo

Since their debut in 2011, Autodromo has created a tightly focused array of beautifully designed and engineered timepieces for the automotive-minded watch enthusiast. From the Brooklyn headquarters of founder and chief designer Bradley Price, Autodromo’s watches bleed mid-century motoring style, with an emphasis on the classic feel of European motorsports. Finishing is key to this stylish ethos, with Autodromo models often featuring engineering, design and finishing outshining watches costing several times as much. Standout models include the Stradale line, meant to capture the ethos of 1950’s Italian sports cars; the Monoposto series, translating the forms of early Formula 1 racing gauges into a stylish and beautifully made work of art for the wrist; and the Group B, which takes the aggressive high-tech forms of the fire-breathing Group B off road rally cars of the 1980s and melds them into a razor-sharp modern sports watch.

Autodromo's Partnership with Ford

Autodromo truly set itself apart from the pack with the Ford GT Endurance Chronograph. Officially licensed by Ford Motor Company and designed in tandem with the team of designers behind the half-million dollar Ford GT hypercar, the GT Endurance Chronograph is in fact the second part of a deep and fascinating partnership between the two brands. The first part of this partnership is the ultra-exclusive (buyers are restricted to current owners of the 2016- 2018 Ford GT, and MSRP starts at $11,500) Ford GT Owner’s Edition Chronograph, a bleeding-edge technical marvel full of design cues from the equally advanced current GT. Each Owner’s Edition is completely customized, made to match that specific buyer’s vehicle. Autodromo then “back-dated” the ultra-modern design of the Owner’s Edition to how the watch would have looked in the late ‘60s to create the Endurance Chronograph in all five of its fascinating forms.

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