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Now in Stock: The Black-PVD Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical really needs no introduction at this point. Since being re-released a couple of years ago in its current, vintage-redux form, they have become the go-to field watch. Perfectly proportioned, rugged, stylish, well-priced, and featuring 80-hr movements, there is really no negative. To flesh-out the collection, Hamilton has added the next logical version featuring a matte black-PVD case, which we are happy to say is now available at Windup Watch Shop.

At the risk of sounding like we’re picking favorites - the black-PVD Khaki Field is something special. Though a logical and not really surprising addition to the collection, it’s sort of the ultimate version of the watch. Sleeker, stealthier, and a bit meaner too, the black case speaks to the low-reflection needs of real military watches. The case also brings more attention to the dial, where the white and aged lume plots have just a bit more visual pop.

Supplied with a gray and black nylon/leather mil-strap, the black-PVD Khaki Field is also a very stylish version with a more urban/tech appeal than the other models. It simultaneously has the charm of vintage via the dial design and a modern attitude from the black case. Whether you’ve been waiting to pick up a Khaki Field, or want another one with a different personality, at $545 the black-PVD model should be taken into consideration. Click here to pick one up