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Now in the Shop: a GMT, Some Straps and a Coaster?
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Fall is basically here (finally), which means many things for watch fans from leather straps being more comfortable to darker, heavier watches looking more appropriate. Here at the Windup Watch Shop, it means that a lot of new drops are on there way. Today, we’re kicking things off with a handful of cool additions that are perfect for the transitional weather.

Bravur Geography GMT LE

The Bravur Geography GMTs are the perfect balance of modern design with mid-century style. Featuring 39mm cases with domed sapphires for that classic feel, they are everyday watches with a formal bend. With the added GMT complication thanks to the Sellita SW 330-1 movements inside, they are perfect, discreet, elegant travel watches.

The LE takes the style of the Geography to a new level by rendering the case in gold (PVD) and the dial in a gorgeous, deep green color. A thoughtful combination, the gold and green resonate with each other, creating a watch that while more ornate than its steel siblings, is handsome and sophisticated. With only 25 numbered units available, this is truly a special watch. Buy one here.

Haveston Straps

A couple of months ago, we brought Haveston straps into the shop. Stylish, comfortable, clever thanks to their sliding keepers, and very affordable, they’ve been a great addition to the shop. Today, we’ve added several new colors across the three styles we carry.

Service Series: These striped single-pass straps are an undeniable hit. With colors based on actual camo and paint schemes used in various militaries, they deftly mix military tones with wearable style. Today, we’ve added the bold Fortress-B, the serious M-22, the subtle Sector, and the exciting Redstone to the catalog.

Corp. Canvas: Made of rugged canvas these vintage-military styled single-pass straps still feature sliding metal keepers for modern wearability. A great fall option, we’ve now added the warm, Khaki M-1918, the drab, earthy M-1944, and the bold, blue Quarterdeck.

Parade Series: A formal take on the mil-strap, the Parade’s feature high-density “seat belt” nylon, for a soft, supple feel. Today, we’re rounding out the collection with the ‘51 Green, a bright, grassy green that has a classic military appeal.

Haveston Coaster

A coaster? Yeah, you got that right, a coaster, and one that any watch fan will love. Made of molded silicon, the H.45 coaster is an enlarged caliber in full color featuring all of the parts you’d expect to find from a huge balance, to little red jewels. Whether kept on your desk to keep your morning coffee from creating stains or on your patio table to keep beers from leaving rings, the H.45 coasters will keep your favorite hobby in mind. Comes in a set of 3 and is available now.