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The Valentine's Day Sale Roundup: Lovely Timex Watches, Moody Tools, and an Exciting Deal of the Week
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's weekly rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, EDC, and more. Top billing belongs to the Treat Yourself category, which spotlights special watches worth their price tag, while the Value-Packed Pick celebrates a timepiece that provides great bang for buck. Upgrade Your Kit highlights indispensable everyday carry gadgets. When You Have Too Many Watches is all about accessories and peripherals for your watch collection. Last but not least, Deal of the Week is a limited time bargain that you will not want to miss. Don’t forget to join the Windup Watch Shop Rewards Program to save and earn points with every purchase.

This week we can’t help but be enamored by the special watches and gear that qualify for our ongoing Valentine’s Day Sale. Our admiration begins with a creation in which we had a hand: the WW75s (and why you might want to consider picking up both!). We continue with a special Timex and some excellent screwdrivers from our friend at Moody. And for the collector who needs no new watches, a Seiko clock can be the perfect partner. Finally we wrap up our Deal of the Week by highlighting some special gear. Everybody knows there’s nothing more romantic than a Valentine’s Day Roundup, so dim the lights, put on some soft music, and read on!

Treat Yourself: Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 V2 Limited Edition

The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 was so popular the first time around we had to do it again. The two latest references are 37mm watches that are so universally wearable they might be the poster child of “shareable” timepieces…which begs the question: why not get both? The Blue and Pink variations can be worn by anyone and feature detailed mid-century designs as well as a comfortable and stylish mesh bracelet. Both are limited to only 500 units, and for a limited time, receive an extra 5% off if you buy two WW75s. Your significant other thanks you in advance.

Value-Packed Pick: M79 Timex (Black and Red)

We’re not done snuggling up with Timex quite yet. Our Value-Packed Pick for this week is a watch that, while sharing the same name, is based on an original Timex design that has recently been reintroduced to great fanfare. The M79 (Black and Red) is based on the Timex Q case and bracelet popularized in the late 70s and throughout the 80s. This watch’s claim to fame is the Miyota movement inside, which allows the model to be appreciated by mechanical watch lovers. Like its cousins above, it’s easily wearable and appeals with its classic dial layout with day and date display, as well as a functional bezel. A value pick even without a sale, this watch is included in our promotion and cannot be missed.

Upgrade Your Kit: Moody Tools Screwdriver Set

Benjamin Franklin once said “the best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade”, and we couldn’t agree more. So too, it seems, do the folks up in Rhode Island at Moody Tools. We are proud to offer the Moody Tools Screwdriver Set, which includes six distinct drivers with sizes from .025 to .1 in. The set even comes with an American-made canvas roll for storage. Lastly, Moody offers a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty, which sounds exactly like the kind of lifelong commitment we all long for.

When You Have Too Many Watches: Seiko MAI Clock (Green)

Setting the mood is half the battle, and here to rescue you from drab and typical decor is none other than Seiko with its MAI Alarm Clock. Available in a variety of colors (but particularly striking in green) this clock is a perfectly practical inside baseball gift for yourself or a loved one who, themselves, loves Seiko. It’s cleverly styled with a bezel and hands that match Seiko sports watches of yore and will never fail to wake you or notify you for your next appointment – or date night. Now that’s love.

Deal Of The Week: Buy One, Get One 50% Off On Italian Straps

Our Deal of the Week isn't just limited to one (or even a few) products. In fact, it's an entire category in and of itself. For a limited time, all Italian Straps are buy one, get one 50% off. You can check out our entire selection of straps here, and no doubt there is something out there for everyone. From sporty rally straps to elegant leather bands, this selection and sale makes it easy for you to take your watch collection to the next level. Happy hunting!