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Welcome Damasko to the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

For fans of overbuilt, super-tough watches, the name Damasko means something special. Since 1994, Damasko has been producing some of the most rugged, tech-rich watches available in their family owned and run facility in Barbing, Germany. Watches with understated designs that typically riff on the classic pilot motif, yet pack a slew of patented materials and engineering solutions that few other brands can compete with. These technologies range from cases made from super-scratch resistant ice-hardened steel, to patented crown systems, to patented silicon hairspring designs and even some models with in-house calibers. All tech with a single purpose in mind, to make better running, longer lasting and more durable watches.

Today, we’re extremely excited to welcome Damasko to the Windup Watch Shop. We will be stocking eight of their fantastic watches at launch, with more to come in the future. These watches are the DA36 and DA36 Black, DS 30, DC 56 and DC 56 Black, DH 1.0, DH 3.0 and DH 3.0 Black.

To see the catalogue of Damasko watches currently available, click here.

Damasko DA 36 and DA 36 Black

The DA 36 is the quintessential Damasko watch. A modern interpretation of the classic pilot’s watch, the DA 36 is legibility focused and sensibly sized, yet packed full of tech that you won’t find anywhere else. Learn more here

Damasko DS 30


The everyday tool-watch; redefined. The DS30 is a discreet, modern pilot-inspired wrist watch with an understated attitude. At 39mm wide and 9.9mm thick, it’s the kind of watch you can put on and wear all day, easily slipping under a cuff and not taking up too much wrist space. Learn more here

Damasko DC 56 and DC 56 Black

The DC56 is Damasko’s pure expression of the modern pilot’s chronograph. The dial stays true to the core principles of the pilot’s watch, the case is ideally sized at 40mm and the watch is features many proprietary technologies. Learn more here

Damasko DH 1.0


The DH 1.0 takes Damasko’s tried and true tool-pilot watch design and specs it for use outdoors with a low-light, camo-esque palette. Featuring a 40mm case with Damasko’s remarkable ceramic bearing 60-click bi-directional 12-hour bezel, 100m water resistance, magnetic-field protection and super hard DAMEST® coating, this is a true adventure watch. Learn more here

Damasko DH 3.0 and DH 3.0 Black

Part of Damasko’s outdoors series, the DH 3.0 features a matte, dark green dial with black chapter ring for a tough, camo-feel. The DH 3.0 is built on Damasko’s larger 42mm case, which provides an extra rugged and aggressive personality, particularly in black, also making this a great choice for those with a larger wrist. Learn more here


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