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Windup Watch Shop on YouTube: How To Use Your G-SHOCK
Words by Windup Watch Shop

About a month ago we introduced G-SHOCK to the Windup Watch Shop! Now we are taking things to YouTube. Check out some of our new G-SHOCK How-To videos below and don't forget to like and subscribe to the new Windup Watch Shop YouTube Channel.


The GA2100 has all the hard-wearing functionality of a G-SHOCK, but in a thin case. Everything you want to know about your G-SHOCK GA2100 from the moment you open the box, from setting your time, setting an alarm, or even starting a stopwatch is in this detailed video. Pick up your GA2100 here


The case of the GA2000 employs a newer G-SHOCK technology — the Carbon Core Guard and features an ana-digi design. This video will teach you all you need to know about the GA2000's functionality: alarm, world time function, timer, daylight savings adjustments, and more. Pick up your GA2000 here.


A classic squared-off silhouette in the G-SHOCK catalog, the DW5600 is the latest iteration of the DW5000 that first debuted in 1983. Check out the DW5600 and all of its capabilities, including timekeeping, alarms, stopwatch, and more. Pick up your DW6500 here. 

Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel for new videos in the coming weeks. You'll find these G-SHOCKs, and more, at Windup Watch Shop.