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Introducing The Vibrant New Paulin Neo Watches
Words by Windup Watch Shop

This week’s Chronicle is a spotlight on some of the most interesting and exciting watches we’ve seen in a while. They are fresh to the Windup Watch Store, and we couldn’t be more proud to offer them. Introducing four new colors on the Paulin Neo, a rejuvenating take on a daily all-purpose watch that you can make your own. As always, we encourage you to join our rewards program to earn points with every purchase. In addition, the Windup Watch Team is always at your service should you want to schedule a consultation or demo.

Paulin is the brainchild of three art students: Charlotte, Eleanor, and Elizabeth Paulin. Founded in 2013, the brand celebrated its 10th anniversary recently and prides itself on being a design-forward, community and environment-conscious watchmaker that continually pushes the envelope on what building a good watch means. This applies not only to the aesthetics of the watch but also manufacturing techniques and methods. Based in Scotland in Glasgow, Paulin nurtures close ties to the local creative community to invest in talent and forge meaningful opportunities for collaborations. The Neo is Paulin’s everyday, all-purpose watch, and the new styles represent the latest and greatest of the firm’s vision. In all four color options and from conception to execution, every detail has been thoughtfully considered in order to create the best product possible. How exactly has Paulin achieved this? Let’s examine them closer.

When deciding on the inspiration for the new Neo dials, Paulin chose to fuse mid-century design and postmodernism design cues since their previous collections were Art Deco-styled. Starting with typography, Paulin dug deep. The Neo’s custom numerals are based on one Wim Crouwel, a Dutch graphic designer and typographer who is famous for his geometric wordmarks. The result of this study is a balanced dial with numerals that are harmonious yet still interesting to look at. Another core value of this new collection is a sense of joy and playfulness, which is reflected in the colors of the dials. Even the classic silver reference is peppered with touches of color in the yellow minute hashes and teal Arabic numerals. The yellow, blue, and red versions each have their own appeal and aesthetic – each is so interesting on their own that one could make an argument for collecting the entire lineup. The custom hour, minute, and counterbalance-less second hands are also modern in their aesthetic and add to the dial’s distinctive look. Paulin hasn’t neglected high technology in their manufacturing methods either: the Neo dials are made of anodised aluminum in partnership with NPI Solutions Limited, a controlled-oxidation process that results in special finishing thanks to a current passing through the material. This uncommon technique allows for special finishing of the dials and sets them apart.

Paulin has clearly listened to the enthusiasts and collectors and chosen wisely to size the Neo line at 38mm. The lug-to-lug measurement is 48mm, and case thickness is only 11.6mm. The thicker Hesalite crystal allowed Paulin to slim the case and disguise the movement’s thickness. Speaking of which, the Seiko NH35A powering the Neo line has had its phantom date position removed. The movement is simple and reliable and will run for a long time without requiring servicing. The Neo watches are paired with stainless steel mesh bracelets (lug width 18mm), though Paulin also offers options for straps.


If what Paulin has accomplished with the Neo line is any indicator of the direction and strength of the brand, it is something worth celebrating. The design of the watch from top to bottom – and the thought behind the watch – have been carefully considered. The result is an attractive, fun, and wearable watch that offers something unique.