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Introducing the Worn & Wound x Raven Trekker LE
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Today we’re excited to announce the first Worn & Wound collaboration watch of 2018. In 2016, Raven came out with the Trekker, a 40mm, 300m toolwatch with a cool style that mixed elements of dive and field watches, as well as vintage and modern elements. We were quite taken with the watch, which sold out very quickly. When we learned that Steve at Raven was planning on bringing the Trekker back this year, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity.

The Worn & Wound x Raven Trekker is an edition of 30 watches with a unique spin on the format. In order to make the LE a bit different feeling, we decided to push it into more modern, aggressive territory.

To achieve this, we started by making some subtle adjustments to the dial. We loved the overall layout and use of big, bold numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9, so, we wanted to really emphasize them by playing down everything else. In order to achieve this, we dropped the normally white accents down a notch to a medium gray, softening their contrast. We removed the date to keep symmetry, and minimized the branding to just the Raven shield. Lastly, we added a set of gray crosshairs, which pull the eyes out to the numerals.

Next, we wanted to stylize the case to make it feel a bit more tactical, so we DLCed the bezel rim. This extends the deep, matte black of the dial all the way out to the edge of the watch. It also emphasizes the lumed bezel markers, making them really pop. We also DLCed the awesome, oversized crown. This down-plays the crown a bit, adding to the sleeker, modern concept for the LE.

Flipping the watch over, you’ll find a new case-back design, commemorating the collaboration. Here, you’ll find a bunch of stats, such as the water resistance, crystal material and movement caliber, which for the 2018 Trekkers has been changed over to the venerable ETA 2824-2. You’ll also find the number of the watch out of the mere 30 made.

As with all Worn & Wound collaborations, we also wanted to add a unique strap that would play off of the distinct elements of the design. The Trekker LE already comes with a brushed steel bracelet, so we wanted to add a rugged leather strap. Our American-made Model 2 Premium style was a natural fit for the Trekker, as it too mixes vintage and modern design concepts. For the LE we used an incredibly cool rough-out suede in a drab Camel color, made by Horween Tannery. It’s a perfect match and a great option for a more casual style.

The Worn & Wound x Raven Trekker LE is available now for $925, including the extra strap and a Worn & Wound Key Chain Spring Bar Tool, exclusively at the Windup Watch Shop.

For more info on Raven, check out their brand page