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New Additions to the Windup Watch Shop from Autodromo, Laco, and Timex
Words by Windup Watch Shop

2021 is off to a solid start for new releases and we’re excited today to announce several new additions to the shop. Before we get there, some quick reminders. First, if you haven’t joined our rewards program yet, you really should. Not only does it make purchases work in your favor, you get a bonus just for participating. Head here to find out more, or click the little logo in the bottom left corner of the screen. Now, on to the watches. 

The Autodromo Group B is Back

Autodromo’s hard-lined Group B watches have been a hit since first launching in 2015. A true cult classic, they don’t play by the rules of traditional watch design, and are all the more appealing for it. Over the last several years that have been numerous versions, a few updates and a small handful of special editions. Now, after a brief hiatus, the Group Bs are available to preorder in a few colorways, including the exotic Corsica Blue and Safari versions. And, perhaps most excitingly, in a new limited edition.

The Night Stage III is the third edition (as you might have guessed) of the coveted Group B LE. The first version was not available to the public, and the second sold out in a flash. Limited to just 200 pieces the Night Stage III features a black metallic dial with all indexes, and distinct grid pattern rendered in neon red. Mixed with the dark, ‘80s inspired case, every glance at your wrist will transport you to a Blade Runner-esque world. 

We Love the Laco Oliv LE

Pforzheim, Germany’s Laco tends to keep their head down and just make good watches. Something we can’t complain about. So, when they release something, it’s always worth taking note of, and the new Olive LE versions of their beloved Augsburg and Aachen 42mm pilots watches are very worth it. What set’s these models apart from others in the series is that Laco created a bronze PVD case with a distressed finish that gives them an exceptionally cool, worn-in look. They complement that with the perfect tone of olive for the dial, creating a stunning combo. Best of all, they are still quite affordable.

The Timex Q - Now in 36MM

Yes, you read that right, but before we get there, let’s touch on some new colors of the original 38mm. First, there’s simply black dial with black bezel in a steel case. Classic, can’t complain. Then there’s a rich blue dial with blue and gold bezel in a gold case. A great way to scratch that itch for gold without having to spend an arm and a leg. Lastly is a blacked out model with a black dial, black/gray bezel and an all black case and bracelet. Super sleek, this one is an unexpected winner. Oh, and should you prefer the Q’s automatic brother the M79, we now have one with a classic black/red bezel combo. How very refreshing.

Stall tactics over, on to the 36mm model. Though just 2mm smaller, this new case wears less like a shrunken version of the 38mm, and more like one that has been magically trimmed down. It’s subtle, but noticeable, feeling more like a vintage piece, and will wear great on a variety of wrists. The blue dial, steel bezel combo is a great everyday watch, deftly mixing a sporty case with more formal styling.

But, if you want something loud, they have that too. Aptly named the Malibu series, these watches are wild. Featuring gold cases and bracelets with bright colored accents throughout, even on the bracelets, and bold dial options, these stand out in a crown. They also feature a pretty impressive easy-sizing system for the bracelet. You don’t even need a tool, the links just pop off. So, should find yourself looking for the perfect watch to go with a tiki drink served out of a pineapple on the beach, be sure to check these out in rose or yellow gold.