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Now in the Windup Watch Shop: RIOS1931 Straps
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It should be of no surprise to learn that here at the Windup Watch Shop, we’re very picky about watch straps. For several years, we’ve only offered straps by our own brands under the Worn & Wound and ADPT names. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding select straps from RIOS1931, a brand we’ve long admired.

Founded in 1931 by watchmaker Riemer Oswald, the German-based brand is independent and family owned. With a wide variety of straps in a range of materials, what sets them apart is a focus on handcraft and traditional techniques. Their straps employ processes with over 100 steps for exceptional detailing and durability. Yet, despite the labor-intensive method in which they are made, RIOS1931 straps are surprisingly affordable.

So, to kick things off, we’re bringing in four different styles to the shop that will complement and round-out our existing strap collection: a rally strap, a classic full-stitch, a waxed canvas mil-strap, and a lined shell cordovan. Head here to check them out now.

Click here for the full collection of RIOS1931 Straps

Big Hole Rally Strap

Bold, sporty and fun, Big Hole Rally straps are an essential companion for sports watches, particularly ones with automotive-inspired designs. The RIOS1931 rallys are made using their “Art Manuel” construction, which features 172 steps for incredibly beautifully detailed straps. The Big Hole Rally Straps are available now in Cognac, Mocha, and Black for $45

Classic Full-Stitch

An everyday watch needs an everyday strap, and the Classic Full-Stitch is a great option. Thick cut out of vintage leather, these robust straps have a great feel and style to match. The cream-colored saddle-stitch that adorns the edge of the straps is hand-made out of thick thread for an added rugged touch. The Classic Full-Stitches are available now in Cognac, Mocha, and Black for $45

Waxed Canvas Mil-strap

Waxed canvas has an unbeatable, rugged style to it that only gets better with age, so it’s a natural pairing for a mil-strap. RIOS1931 took this stylish material and backed it with a hearty black veg-tan leather, creating a mil-strap that not only looks good but wears very well. The Waxed Canvas Mil-straps are available now in Olive, Stone, and Black for $50

Shell Cordovan

There is nothing quite like a beautifully crafted Shell Cordovan strap, and the RIOS1931s are amongst the nicest and most affordable we’ve ever seen. Not only do they feature this exceptional, hard-wearing equine leather, but they are also lined with supple natural leather, edge painted with utter perfection and feature color matching edge stitching. The Shell Cordovans are truly remarkable straps, and they are available now in Cognac and Black for $65