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Office Visit with Autodromo: Watches, Automobilia and Supercars
Words by Windup Watch Shop

A few weeks back, on a brisk morning, we took a trip out of our home base of Brooklyn to the not-so-distant offices of Autodromo. Though we’ve been close with Autodromo’s designer and founder, Bradley Price, since the brand’s launch years ago, this was our first chance to see their new offices, as well as production pieces of the coveted Ford GT Owner’s Watch.

Set in an old industrial building along the Hudson, the new Autodromo space is simple, understated, but drenched in light and well-decorated. Old Italian movie posters and liquor ads adorn the walls amidst vintage automobilia. Naturally, there is also a fair share of Autodromo related items strewn throughout, including 3D prints, packaging, and a number of prototypes.

Set in one corner by a large window is Vincent, Autodromo’s watchmaker. There, he quietly sits and assembles each Ford GT Owner’s Watch. For those unfamiliar, alongside the Ford GT Endurance Chronograph (featured here in our store), Autodromo makes a high-end luxury watch that can only be ordered if you happen to be one of the lucky owner’s of Ford’s GT supercar. The watch can be customized via a myriad of choices to either reflect the tastes of the customer or the specific car they own.

A thoroughly modern chronograph that speaks to the GT without being too literal or obvious, Ford GT Owner’s Watch boasts a design that holds its own against other luxury sport watches in the low five-figures. Of particular note is the ceramic barrel case that utilizes the material in such a way as to actually speak to its unique aesthetic properties. It is smooth, with a subtle matte sheen and wide radiuses that give it an almost stone quality.

The almost minimalist case beautifully contrasts the dial, which is a layered array of textured materials and sapphire sheets, inspired by the futuristic dash of the vehicle. One of the more customizable elements, the honeycombed back surface and applied racing stripes can be specified to any color, each custom painted.

Of course, there are a couple of more direct cues here as well, but ones that likely only owner’s would notice. Like the crown, which is a miniaturized version of the thumb controls in the car, and the display window on the back, which takes the flattened oval form of the steering wheel. It is through this window, which is cleverly lined with a red gasket, that the automatic column-wheel chronograph movement by La Joux Perret can be viewed.

Having handled our fair share of high-end Swiss luxury watches, we can say that the Ford GT Owner’s Watch gives them a run for their money on build, but even more so on taste and design. Of course, the same can be said for Autodromo’s more accessible watches when pitted against their respective peers.

Take the GT Endurance Chronograph, for example, which is the publicly available retro-spin on the Owner’s Watch. The case is actually four parts, allowing for impossible angles on the inner lugs and super-precise finishing. Or the new Group B Series 2, the bracelet of which is simply jaw-dropping. And the Monoposto Chronograph, which puts column-wheel goodness in a package that any vintage fan should appreciate.

Back to the office. After some espresso and conversation, we got to take a look at what’s coming down the line for 2019, and all we can say is it’s going to be an exciting year for Autodromo fans. Enjoy the photos below, and to stay up to date on Autodromo and other releases, and be sure to signup for our newsletter with the form at the bottom of the page.