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Just In! Ollech & Wajs Hits The Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

There are many watch brands that make tool watches, but very few that are considered tool watch brands. Ollech & Wajs, is one of the few that is and has been since its founding over 60 years ago. Overbuilt, technically savvy, understated, and adopted by those who would use them for their intended purposes, Ollech & Wajs has a reputation for making rugged, task-driven time pieces.

Founded in 1956 and reestablished in 2017, Ollech & Wajs (commonly known as OW) have been a pioneer in sport watches for over half a century. A Swiss-made brand since its inception, its archives include many exceptional time pieces including one of the first 1000m divers, watches that became widely used by soldiers in the Vietnam conflict, and many aviation chronographs, to name just a few.

After surviving the quartz crisis, Ollech & Wajs continued to create mechanical tool watches that had a cult appreciation among collectors. In 2017, Albert Wajs handed the brand over to its current owner, a former distributor, who has reinvigorated the brand with a new vision for the current watch market.

Inspired by the past but with an eye toward the future, the current OW line stays true to the spirit of the brand, paying direct homage to many of its iconic pieces, but with a unique style that sets them apart. Watches like the C-1000, a reimagining of the 1000m diver from 1964, maintain the rugged build and specs of the original, but with a modern attitude for a new generation. Always mechanical and Swiss-made, OW maintains a great value position as well, continuing the tradition of its founders.


Today, we’re very excited to announce their addition to the Windup Watch Shop. To view the collection, click here. To read more about the initial collection, scroll down.

Please note that all of the following watches are available on either a strap or with an additional steel bracelet. 

Ollech & Wajs P-101

The P-101 represents the brand’s go-anywhere, do-anything watch. The core of their line up. Inspired by their history as a popular watch among those in the armed services, it crosses lines between field and pilot styles to be something clearly military in style, but not limited in functionality. Between the 12-hour bezel, bold dial layout, unique handset, and 300m water resistance, there is hardly a task the P-101 can’t handle.

The P-101 measures a comfortable 39.56mm x 49.5mm with 20mm lugs, a series of dimensions you’ll see is common to all of the watches in our initial offering. An ideal size for a rugged watch, it is large enough for great legibility, yet small enough to fit most wrists and avoid fatigue throughout the day. The P-101 is 12.5mm thick, thanks to the ETA 2824-2 Swiss-made automatic inside.

Ollech & Wajs P-104

The P-104 takes the hybrid approach of the P-101, but adds technical features specifically geared towards pilots. At a glance, the watches are similar, save the intense orange highlights that increase the aggressiveness of the design. Closer inspection reveals the circular slide rule bezel, which pairs with a chapter ring to create a very useful, if uncommon, tool. Able to calculate many things, including differential speed, distance, and range, it’s a highly functional addition.

The P-104 is also 39.56mm x 49.5mm x 12.5 with 20mm lugs, 300m of water resistance, and features an ETA 2824-2 movement inside.


The 350Cl is a more stylized take on the P-101. Designed in collaboration with Atelier Zevaco, a vintage motorcycle restorer, it features an olive green dial with pale, parchment colored lume accents, and a 12-hour bezel in brushed steel. The coloration was inspired by the motorcycle from which the watch takes its name, the Condor 350, an iconic Swiss military motorcycle used in the 1970s and 80s.

While themed after a motorcyle, the 350Cl maintains all of the toolish charm of the P-101, including dimensions, movement, and 300m of water resistance.


The Carribean 1000 was launched in 1964 with the incredible depth rating of 1000m. Far beyond the standard at the time (and now, frankly), it was a feat of engineering, which was made all the more impressive by the watch’s relatively small footprint. Staying true to both the impressive depth rating and approachable sizing, the C-1000 is a modern tribute befitting the original. 

Featuring a combination of vintage and modern styling, the C-1000 is a highly capable dive watch for those who only want the most most overbuilt of watches. Truly solid as a rock, it has been reinforced in all ways to support the 1000m water resistance. Like the previous watches, the footprint of the C-1000 in 39.56 x 49.5mm with a 20mm lug width, though with an increased thickness of 15.8mm, including a massive domed, 5.6mm thick sapphire crystal. Inside is an ETA 2824-2 automatic as well.

Ocean Graph

If the P-104 is the more technical P-101, the Ocean Graph is the more technical C-1000. Built on the same 1000m platform, the Ocean Graph swaps a 60-minute bezel for a decompression bezel. Used to calculate decompression times, it features three rings of information, precisely printed. Additionally, the Ocean Graph takes on a subdued blue hue accented by orange for a slightly more stylized appearance.

The Ocean Graph has the same dimensions and specs as the C-1000.


Paying tribute to a line of aviation watches from Ollech & Waj’s archives, the Navichron is a multipurpose tool chronograph. A watch with looks that belie its impressive specs, at a glance it might appear a simple vintage-inspired chronograph. The inverse panda dial and cream lume give it a classic, stylish appearance, but like the P-101, there is more than meets the eye. The steel bezel features both 12-hour markings for tracking multiple time-zones, and minute markings for the first 20 minutes for timing. More impressive, however, is the 500m water resistance, allowing you to use the watch above, or well below the water. 

The Navichron also comes in at 39.5mm x 49.5mm with 20mm lugs, but with an increased thickness of 16.8mm, accounting for the depth rating and movement. Powering the Navichron is the Valjoux 7753 Swiss-made automatic chronograph caliber. A very robust movement, it is a befitting choice for a rugged, 500m, tool chronograph.