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Springs + Gears Letterpress Prints are Now Available at Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Today, we are excited to add letterpress prints by Springs + Gears to the Windup Watch Shop. A newcomer to the watch ephemera world, Springs + Gears mixes exacting attention to detail with traditional printing methods to create works of watch-art for the wall or desk. Inspired by the complexity and rich history of famous calibers, Springs + Gears painstakingly recreates them in 2D, paying close attention to the subtle details like the meshing of gears, and then hand-prints them on a letterpress in Brooklyn, NY.

image by Jeremy Davis

The result is a beautiful execution with seamless ink (no dots, lines, etc) and the subtle impression that a press makes. While other brands make posters, Springs + Gears makes art that will look good in your home, office or anywhere else you choose to hang them.

For their first run, Springs + Gears has chosen the iconic Omega Caliber 321 chronograph. Famous for being the movement in the Speedmasters worn during the Moon landing, the 321 holds a special place in the history of watches. As a piece of 2D art, it features an array of elegant components, creating a complex composition that is endlessly enjoyable to look upon. For owners and/or fans of the legacy of the Speedmaster, this is a sure thing.

The Springs + Gears Omega 321 letterpress prints are available now in white with black print, or deep blue with white/silver print in either 8” x 8” or 15” x 15” sizes for $30 and $65 respectively. Prints are sold unframed and shipped worldwide.