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The James Brand Redstone and Other New EDC Available Now at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The James Brand has been a part of our EDC collection since we launched it a few months ago. The Oregon-based company is known for its cleverly designed goods ranging from knives to carabiners to multitools. With the James Brand, looks can be deceiving. Simple, elegant forms hide functions, making some of the most useful, and tasteful, EDC available. Over the last couple of weeks, we have added several more items from their catalog to the Windup Watch Shop, including their newest knife, which is something quite special. So, whether you need a good stocking stuffer, a new knife, or just like EDC, check this stuff out.

The Redstone

For the Redstone, James Brand worked with rock climber and photographer Savannah Cummins on a truly different knife concept, which is evident even at a glance. Though a bit wild-looking, the Redstone was designed with function and utility first. Fully operable with one hand, it’s easy to open thanks to the oversized thumb hole, and close thanks to the convenient slide TJB Slide Lock. The 2.5” Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel features a drop point design and partially serrated blade, great for everything from slicing an apple to cutting rope.

Meanwhile, the unique “island” grips, made of polypropylene, are based on rock climbing holds, adding traction and allowing for a natural finger rest, so the Redstone won’t slip out of your hand. When not in use, the bent wire clip makes for easy carrying on your belt or pocket, while not adding weight to the overall package, and the removable lanyard enables you to hook it on a carabiner. Featuring a single-piece steel chassis, the Redstone is also built to be durable, and not overly complicated. 

The Halifax

The folks over at the James Brand are almost too clever for their own good. The Halifax demonstrates this well in being unassuming in appearance, yet highly functional in practice. At a glance, one might not even know what this abstract form, machined from 6AL4V Titanium is, but once in hand, its small form factor inspires ideas. The cut out at the front combined with the cylindrical stud act as a bottle opener, always convenient.

The wedge at the front is great for scraping mud, muck, and dried paint off of your boots, engines, bike pedals, and more. It also doubles as a screwdriver, which you never want to be without. The elegant scalloped cutout then allows for attachment to a keychain, or lanyard, while also providing a comfortable grip for doing hard work. At just 2 ⅞” long, the Halifax will quickly become part of your EDC.

The Cache River

Do you need a screwdriver? Yes. When do you need it? All the time. Seriously though, is there anything more annoying than needing a screwdriver and not having one at the ready? James Brand solved this issue with their Cache River driver set. Sleek is an understatement when talking about the 3.9” x .53” (thick) Cache River. Made of 6061 Aluminum and finished in satin black, it looks so cool, you’ll forget how useful it is.

With one bit held in place by a strong magnet at its tip, and two more in stow within a screwed and gasket sealed chamber, there is a lot of utility at your fingertips. Speaking of, the dimpled surface allows for additional grip, while the ball-bearing pivot at the rear allows for easy driving, so to speak. Lastly, the pivot also allows for easy attachment to a lanyard or keychain to keep the Cache River nearby. 

The Hardin

When is a carabiner not just a carabiner? When the James Brand makes it, of course. Taking the iconic droplet form of the classic carabiner, but overhauled with modern curves, the Hardin is made of forged 6063 aluminum and hides some tricks up its sleeve. The spring-loaded gate at the center creates two separate compartments, allowing for your keys and other gear to be locked in place while the upper region is free to clip to belt loops and backpack packs. Available in some fun, bright colors, it’s also a great accent to your gear. 

The Pike

A little modern, a little classic, the Pike is James Brand’s attempt at making, or rather, remaking your grandfather’s pocket knife. Sleek lines and a modest size of 3.4”, when closed, makes the Pike a perfect EDC as it will effortlessly slide into one's pocket. The 2.3” blade, made of Sandvik 12C27 steel is non-locking and is shaped like an eagle’s beak, allowing one’s thumb to comfortably rest on the back and apply pressure. A removable lanyard adds some extra convenience.

But, this knife isn’t all about utility either, it’s downright beautiful. Rather than the typical hard lines found on knives, this one features soft curves that feel great in the hand. The scales then feature a mix of materials including wood and micarta, model depending, adding grip, color, and texture. Don’t be surprised if this ends up your favorite knife.