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Thank You for purchasing and/or showing interest in the ADPT Series 1 Watches!

Below you will find instructions on how to use this timepiece. Over a year in the making, the ADPT Series 1 Watch started with the simple notion of making modern sports watches that took the ethos of “All Day, Purpose, and Terrain” to heart. It’s multipurpose, easy to wear, well-built, and unique. Inspired by outdoor gear and a love for adventure, the design is bold, graphic and exciting. For the case, we worked with BOLDR Supply Co to utilize their 200m, 38mm, titanium field design, which will take you anywhere you need to go, above or below water.

How to start the watch:

Using the ADPT Series 1 Watch is simple. It features the very robust and reliable SII NH35A automatic movement inside. If the watch is not running, simply unscrew the crown by turning it counterclockwise until it pops out (please note, do not unscrew the crown underwater). You can then wind it clockwise to put initial energy into the movement. We recommend 10 - 20 turns. At this point, you can set the time. 

How to set time and date:

With the crown unscrewed, gently pull it out two clicks (this is as far as it can go). Now you can turn the crown either direction to change the position of the hour and minute hands. Please note, the seconds hand will “hack” and not be adjustable. For preservation of the movement, it is recommended to not change the time between 9PM and 3AM, as this is when the date-change will occur. Once set, push the crown back to its starting position.

If the date needs to be adjusted, pull the crown out one click. The date can be set forward one day at a time by turning the crown counterclockwise. Once the desired date is reached, push the crown back in.

Once the time and date are set, screw the crown back in fully.

How to use the bezel:

The ADPT Series 1 Watches are equipped with bi-directional, friction bezels. This means that the bezel does not click, but rather smoothly turns on the case. The bezel insert features two indexes: a primary 12-hour index, and a 15-minute index. The 12-hour index can be used to track time in a different timezone easily by rotating to account for the difference. For example, if you are in NYC and want to know the time in LA, simply rotate the bezel so the marker for 9 is at the top of the dial.
The hour index can also be used to track elapsed hours by positioning the origin mark at the hour hand at the beginning of the period one wants to track. For example, at the start of a long car ride, rotate the bezel to line up the origin mark with the hour hand to keep track of how long the journey has been ongoing. The 15-minute index can be used to track shorter intervals, such as laps on a track or how long something has been in the oven. Simply align the origin mark with the minute hand to begin tracking. 

How to change the strap:

The ADPT Series 1 Watch comes mounted to a US-Made Single Pass strap. This is a “pass-through” nylon strap, meaning that it slips between the springbars and the case. It can be easily removed by simply pulling it through. Similarly, it can be replaced with any other “pass-through” style of strap in a similar fashion.

In order to change to a two-piece strap the springs bars must first be removed. This is an easy process, as the ADPT Series 1 Watch features drilled lugs (small holes where the spring bars are positioned). A spring bar tool (which can be ordered here) with a “pusher” tip (long cylinder) can be inserted into the hole, and then pressed into the spring bar, causing it to release from the case.

With the spring bars removed, they can be placed into the desired strap, and the strap can then be attached to the watch.

ADPT Watches Warranty:
All ADPT watches come with a 30-month warranty on the internal components of the watch. The 30-month warranty excludes parts that are subjected to (external) wear & tear, which is deemed as damage/alteration to straps, scratches on case and/or lugs, cracked crystal, water damage due to negligence (crown not fully screwed down), and other incidents of similar nature. If the movement proves to be defective in terms of material or workmanship (under normal use), we will repair your watch and ship it back to you. The repair & return process takes an estimated 6-12 weeks. Please note that repairs may be delayed by unforeseen circumstances which may interfere with the shipment process. A shipping, handling & servicing fee of $30 applies to all engagements of warranty services, to be borne by the customer. Should the defects be deemed as caused by wear & tear (i.e. not covered under warranty), the customer will be subjected to the cost of the part involved on top of the $30 service fee incurred. For example, replacement of the bezel, crystal, case, etc. will incur a separate charge. The warranty does not cover straps and excludes any watches not purchased directly from the Windup Watch Shop website.