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Welcome Yema Watches to the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It is with great excitement that today we announce that Windup Watch Shop is now an authorized dealer of Yema Watches - their first in the US in many years.

Brands like Yema are few and far between. Founded in 1948 in Besançon, France by Henry Louis Belmont, they were the leading exporter of French watches in the late 60’s, and have been in continuous operation since. Spanning from iconic dive watches to patented yachting timers to the watch worn during a historic win at the Indy 500 by Mario Andretti, Yema’s history is studded with the kind of landmarks that only great watch brands can achieve. A testament to this is the launch of their own in-house caliber in 2011, something many brands strive for but few achieve.

Today, Yema’s focus is on celebrating this rich history through accurate recreations and new interpretations of archival pieces. In the Windup Watch Shop you’ll find a curated selection of Yema’s catalog that will steadily grow in time.

Yema Superman

The Superman is Yema’s most iconic watch and a perfect example of what makes them so unique. First released in 1963, the Superman was created for professional divers and featured not only 300m of water resistance, but also a novel bezel locking system. Between the bezel and crown is a little clamp that pins the bezel in place when the crown is screwed in. Simple, yet effective.

The modern Superman isn’t a reinterpretation of this watch, rather it’s a faithful recreation with a few modern upgrades. 39mm, domed sapphire crystal, ETA 2824-2 and a reasonable price tag of $1,099 on bracelet - available now

Yema Navygraf

If the Superman was Yema’s pro-dive watch, the Navygraf was meant as their enthusiast or skin diver. Originally created in the 70’s, the Navygraf features a unique look that gives it a more stripped-down, tool-watch vibe. Exclamation markers and bright yellow hands, paired with what would have been a bakelite bezel, grant the Navygraf an almost military feel.

For the modern version, the aesthetic stayed the same, but the specs got an overhaul. Now with a sapphire crystal and bezel, as well as 300m of water resistance, but still featuring a 39mm diameter, the Navygraf is a great everyday sport watch. Powering the Navygraf is Yema’s in-house MBP1000 movement, which is a 31-jewel automatic with a frequency of 28,800 bph. The Navygraf is $749 on a steel H-link bracelet - available now

Yema Flygraf

Not bound to the seas, the Flygraf is Yema’s answer for a pilot’s chronograph. First available in 1978, the Flygraf is an aggressive watch with a sleek design and unique dial concept. Black from edge-to-edge, including the bi-directional bezel insert, the dial features an applied brushed aluminum plate. This plate then features cutouts that emphasize the sub-dials at six and nine, while creating a faux-sub-dial at three around the day-date. The result is a very balanced dial that appears to have four sub-dials.

The modern Flygraf could be mistaken as a NOS original. Still featuring a Valjoux 7750 movement, truly very little has changed. The new version features a domed sapphire crystal, a modern benefit, but in keeping with the original, the dial markings and even French day have been maintained. With a svelte 39mm case, the Flygraf is a truly badass looking chronograph. The Flygraf is $2,049 on a black leather strap - available now

Yema Yachtingraf

Based on perhaps Yema’s most collectible vintage reference, the Yachtingraf is the connoisseur’s choice. Originally released in 1969 as part of a series of unique and even patented Regatta timers, they featured innovative minute sub-dials with clever graphic displays. Generally oversized, these red, white and blue sub-dials give the watches a truly exotic look that sets them apart from other watches of the era.

As with the other Yemas discussed here, the Yachtingrafs stay incredibly true to the original. Same size, same design, they even used a 3d scanning process on original examples to get the details just right. The Yachtingraf has been updated with a sapphire crystal, and now features the Valjoux 7753 movement. The Yachtingraf is $2,399 and comes on a tan leather strap - available now