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Oris Watches are Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Today, we are truly excited to announce that Windup Watch Shop is now an authorized retailer of Oris Watches.

Oris is one of those brands that everyone just kind of loves. Independent, clever, unique, always mechanical and Swiss-made, Oris checks boxes that everyone from diehard enthusiasts to more casual watch fans can appreciate. The rich history of Oris dates back to 1904, when Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the brand in Hölstein, Switzerland, where it is still based.

Over the past century, Oris has reached many great achievements, including being one of the 10 largest watch brands in the world in the 1960’s. Since the 1980’s, Oris has pursued a catalog of unique mechanical watches that have channeled their independent spirit. From their patented Worldtimer to their depth gauge diver to their mechanical altimeter pilot’s watch, Oris has continued to innovate in a way few other brands can match. An achievement that is highlighted by the brand’s commitment to fare, and accessible prices.

In the Windup Watch Shop, you will find a curated collection of Oris Watches, focusing on their current icons, and new releases.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Date - Updated Version 

The first watch we’ll highlight is an updated version of one of our favorites, the Big Crown ProPilot Date. Oris’ line of modern pilot’s watches, the ProPilots are a unique take on a genre that is oversaturated by too similar designs. Featuring beautifully finished 41mm cases with a turbine-motif bezel, the ProPilots stand out. Their dials stay true to the core principles of a pilot’s watch, being clean, highly legible and bold, yet utilize appealing typography and oversized dates, giving them their own personality.

Just launched at the end of 2019, the newly updated version includes molded lume numerals, rather than pad-printed numerals. The change is subtle, but effective, giving the numerals a bit more presence, thanks to their height, and much improved glowing capabilities. Good lume on a pilot watch is a must, and these ProPilots now fully check that box.

To kick off this collection, we’re stocking the black dial on an olive textile strap with leather backing. Clean, rugged, toolish, yet looks great with everyday attire, the black version is a go-to everyday type watch. Available here for $1,700.

Additionally, we are carrying the dressed up sunray grey dial version. Rather than matte, the dial here has a metallic sheen, adding a decorative level to the watch. Similarly, the case finishing includes a mix of brushed and polished surfaces, giving it a more refined and formal appearance. We are stocking this one on the newly updated bracelet, which features a polished and faceted middle link, driving the dressier appeal of this version home. Available here for $1,900.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

For those who prefer a pilot’s watch with more vintage flair, the Big Crown Pointer Date is the watch for you. With a history of making watches for pilots that dates back to the early nineteen hundreds (and I mean early), Oris knows a thing or two about the topic. Their Big Crown Pointer dates mix a bit of modern style from the ProPilots, with vintage cues, a cool complication, clever use of color, and an overall more casual style.

Coming in at 40mm, the Big Crown Pointer Dates feature cases with brushed surfaces on the tops of their lugs, but fully polished sides. The bezel has been swapped for one with a rounded, coin edge, giving it a great early-twentieth-century look. The dial utilizes thin, yet bold typography, combined with a railroad index and cathedral hands to stick with the vintage aesthetic.

The real standout feature, however, is the pointer date, which can be found on the outer edge of the dial. An uncommon but highly appealing complication, it adds a fourth hand to the dial that is utilized solely for telling the date. This is a direct nod to Oris’ own historical pilot’s watches.

Starting off, we will be carrying three versions of the Big Crown Pointer Date in the shop. First, there are the blue and red dial versions in steel. The blue is a very appealing soft, almost gray hue that has a laid-back casual feel, especially when paired with the medium brown nubuck strap we chose. The red dial is then a truly stunning option that is unlike anything else out there. The color is deep, dark and rich, giving it a unique presence on the wrist. We paired this model with a cool beige suede that really makes the red pop. Both are available now for $1,600.

The third option is a bit different. For the 80th anniversary of the creation of the original Pointer Date watch in 1938, Oris released a version in solid brushed bronze with a hunter green dial. Talk about a match made in heaven, the rich dark green is a perfect complement to the warm case metal. Additionally, as the bronze patinates, becoming darker and even potentially taking on blue and green tones, the combination will become even more exciting. This version is available here for $2,000 on a caramel-colored leather strap.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five has been a huge hit since its initial launch in 2015. Based closely on a design from their archives from 1965, but upscaled to a modern 40mm, the Divers Sixty-Five took the vintage diver trend by the horns. Featuring a massive domed sapphire crystal, thin mid-case, narrow bezel, and a truly exotic dial, the Divers-Sixty looked like nothing else on the market at the time. Rated to 100m, it’s a great everyday sports watch.

We are excited to launch with two styles of the Divers Sixty-Five. First, we have the original version that started it all. Featuring a unique dial with large lume plots at 3, 6, 9 and 12, knocked through by blocky, mid-century styled numerals, this version really pops off the wrist. Available now on an incredibly cool stepped, rivet bracelet for $2,100.

The second version is a newer variety, also in 40mm, but with a bronze bezel. The use of bronze is a nice addition for a few reasons. First, the line of bronze is unexpected, giving the watch a bit of that two-tone feel, but not in a precious-metal kind of way. Second, bronze patinas as mentioned before, so as the watch ages the bezel will change in cool ways. Additionally, this version has a different, more minimal and classic diver style dial that also relates to vintage Oris designs. Instead of lume print, there are applied geometric markers with gold-tone surrounds to complement the bronze bezel. This model is also available on the exceptional rivet bracelet for $2,200.

Oris Aquis Date

If the Divers Sixty-Five is Oris’ fun, fashionable diver, the Aquis Date is their modern, performance diver. An icon in the making, the Aquis Date is purpose-driven and pleasantly reserved, exuding confidence that one should find a 300m dive watch. The case measures 43.5mm, but wears far smaller as it features a tapering design with slightly rounded walls, giving it the feel of an underwater habitat. The lugs then feature an integrated design, making the accompanying strap or bracelet flow directly from the case, which increases its comfort.

The dial then is a clean, mature take on a dive watch, with applied markers with generous lume plots, and slender, but still highly legible hands. For the Windup Watch Shop, we’ve gone with the dark sunray blue version to start. This dial is a gorgeous near-black blue, that comes to life as light moves across it. Paired with the integrated steel bracelet, it’s a watch that you can wear with a suit, whether of the swimming or wool varieties. Available now for $2,100.

Oris ChronOris

The Oris ChronOris is inspired by a 70’s chronograph design, remade as a fun, sporty three-hand watch with an internal bezel. The 39mm barrel-case wears well and looks remarkably cool the wrist. With gorgeous brushing on top, big polished bevels along its edge, and two massive crowns, it’s funky enough to speak to 70’s design, but still very wearable and stylish.

We’re excited to launch with the special Movember edition of the ChronOris in the shop. Featuring a black dial with white markers and gold accents, this version has a unique sleek look. The large orange seconds hand really pops, and can be used with the internal timer bezel to track laps or other intervals. The ChronoOris Movember edition is $2,000 dollars, a part of which goes to the Movember cause.

Oris Jazz Series - Art Blakey and James Morrison Academy of Music Limited Editions

The Oris Atelier Jazz line is a series of limited edition watches that celebrate iconic figures from the world of Jazz music. All based on a slender 38mm dress watch profile, each timepiece in the series brings elements of a famed musician’s career and style into the design, executed with the utmost restraint. The elements are little more than subtle cues, such as a color or a distinct shape, adding to the character of the watch, never overtly calling attention.

The Art Blakey Limited Edition celebrates the famed drummer’s career with a white, mid-century dial design that features a series of unique applied markers on top. To the layman, they might not appear as much, but to those aware, they are shaped like the clamps found on a bass drum. Combined with the minimal black markers, they create an appealing and understated design. Flipping the watch over, you’ll find a bright gold cymbal adhered to the case back. A more overt tribute to Art, this one is kept private, only visible when off the wrist. Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide, the Art Blakey is available now for $2,100.

The James Morrison Academy of Music Limited Edition is a tribute to the eponymous musician’s work and the music academy he founded in his homeland of Australia. Featuring a striking sunray blue dial that fades to black along the edge with gold accents and white numerals, the James Morrison has an almost Bauhaus look to it. The mix of the blue and gold is stunning, while the numerals give it a casual functionality. Even more subtle than the Art Blakey, the James Morrison features a trumpet’s finger saddle as the counterweight on the seconds hand as its musical reference. The case-back is adorned with the logo of the James Morrison Academy of Music. Limited to 1,234 pieces worldwide, the James Morrison is available for $2,100.

More Oris Watches Coming Soon!